ASUS EAH4870X2 Graphic Card Review

ASUS EAH4870X2 Graphic Card Review

Finally – a HD4870X2 at! As they say, better late than never! The ASUS EAH4870X2 was welcome with open arms, and of course the curiosity of how it performs.

A beautiful card, instead of using sleek black surface as most other cards or ugly camo markings like the ASUS ENGTX280 TOP 1GB I reviewed last year, the card comes with an awesomely beautiful Tri-fan cover.

ASUS EAH4870X2 Graphic Card Review

Interestingly the EAH4870X2 doesn’t use copper heatsinks like the ASUS HD3870X2.

ASUS EAH4870X2 Graphic Card Review

And for such a high-end card, it doesn’t come with a HDMI port.

ASUS EAH4870X2 Graphic Card Review

And another interesting point was that the PCI-E power connects were quite a distance apart.

ASUS EAH4870X2 Graphic Card Review

No protector for the CrossFire connect point, unlike the GTX280 model.

ASUS EAH4870X2 Graphic Card Review

Back portion looks like any other graphic card, no special enclosure.

ASUS EAH4870X2 Graphic Card Review

The Bundle

– 1 x DVI to D-Sub adaptor
– 1 x HDTV-out cable
– 1 x Power cable
– ASUS Utilities & Driver
– CD Leather Wallet
– Leather mousepad (this item is not stated on the website)

Card Details

Here’s a summarized detail of the card.

GPU HD4870X2
GPU Code Name R700
Memory Type DDR5
Memory Bandwidth 256-bit
Memory Capacity 1024MB
Core Clock 750Mhz
Memory Clock 900Mhz (1.8Ghz DDR)

ASUS EAH4870X2 Graphic Card Review

More details at the official product page

Test Setup

The computer setup used for this review.

Processor Intel Coreâ„¢2 Duo E7200
RAM 2x 2GB OCZ DDR2 PC2-8500 Reaper HPC Edition
Motherboard Albatron PXP35
Cooler Sunbeamtech Core-Contact Freezer Heatsink
Monitor 20″ Dell Ultra-sharp Wide-screen LCD
Power Supply Gigabyte Odin 550 GT
Operating System Windows Vista Home Basic 32bit
Driver Version ATi Catalyst 9.1

The Performance

All tests were done with 4xAA


Graphic Detail : Maximum at 1680×1050

Card Average
EAH4870X2 149
ENGTX280 144

World In Conflict

Graphic Detail : Maximum @ 1680×1050

Card Average
EAH4870X2 36
ENGTX280 43

Company Of Heroes : Opposing Fronts

Graphic Detail : Maximum @ 1680×1050

Card Average
EAH4870X2 58.0
ENGTX280 56.7

Lost Planet : Extreme Condition

Graphic Detail : Maximum at 1680 x 946

Card Snow (Average) Cave (Average)
EAH4870X2 102.5 55.4
ENGTX280 83.6 71.9


Graphic Detail : Maximum @ 1680×1050

Card Average
EAH4870X2 29.07
ENGTX280 23.91


Graphic Detail : Maximum @ 1680×1050

Card Average
EAH4870X2 21

Operating Temperature

Furmark was used for graphic card stressing.

  Idle (°C) Load (°C) Stress (°C)
Temperature 48 70 77

Readings were taken when ambient temperature was around 25°C.

– Load, Furmark was run for 1 minute at 1680×1050 with 4xAA.
– Stress, Furmark was run under the Stress Test mode for 5 minutes.

A point to add, the fan was noisy should I set it to 100% but the system idles at nearly 10°C cooler.

Power Consumption

Please note that the numbers below indicate the wattage for the entire system, not the graphic card alone.

System Power Consumption Idle (w) Load (w)
with HD4870x2 100 236
with GTS 250 81 143


The HD4870 is the highest end GPU from ATi. The HD4870X2 is a matter of putting 2 of the HD4870 into a single card, basically allowing CrossFire without having to do an actual CrossFire, essentially a single-card Crossfire solution.

As you can see, the performance is really good but bear in mind that should the game be lacking in the support for Crossfire setup, then the card performs like a single HD4870. The HD4870 also consumes more power than the GTX280.

So if you know the games you play supports Crossfire decently and have the $$$ to spare, the ASUS EAH4870X2 would be a good choice since the Tri-fan setup does help in cooling. Otherwise, the GTX280 cards aren’t a bad choice either, at least you know for sure it works well right out of the box.

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  1. hey, @goldfries, the last part, the power consumption, why did you compare 4870×2 with GTS250? is it a typo? 🙂

  2. Author

    Not a typo. 😀 I just added the power consumption part a bit later but I forgot that benchies against GTX280 made it confusing.

    and no, I don’t have the power consumption rating with GTX280 but I’ll update with a closer card in the future. 🙂

  3. Nice quality in Lower cost, It’s very easy to install.Unless you have certain very specific needs, you’ll get better performance and better power efficiency with Nvidia.

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