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I’ve been browsing quite a number of blogs lately and I found that many are careless in choosing their Blog Address. Whether you have a domain name of your own or you’re using free blogging services like WordPress or Blogger with their sub-domained Blog Address, you MUST be wise in choosing them.

Here’s how most people create their blogs, and it’s probably the worst way I could think of
Step 1 : Register an account
Step 2 : Think of Site Title
Step 3 : Think of Site Description

What’s Wrong With It?

How many of you come by sites with an address like but the site’s title is “Movie Goers Mayhem“?

Sure, you may think it’s fine but look at it this way, IF you want your site to be memorable then at least DO your part to make it memorable.

It is much easier to remember an address like than for a site titled The Way I Like It, don’t you agree? Just remember the title, and you’ll remember the URL.

So How Do I Go About It?

You can start by thinking of your blog theme, then think of an appropriate title.

After that, hunt for a Blog Address that’s available (obviously!) and matches your title aptly. It doesn’t matter if it’s long, I’ve tried a 20 character blog URL on blogger and it works fine.

Remember – just because an address is short, that doesn’t mean its easy to remember! is still easier to remember than

OK, I’ll Do It Later

You should get it done right, right from the start! Think about it, what would happen to linkbacks and bookmarks if you decided to change the blog URL later? Will your site traffic be affected? Will you disappoint your devotees?

Sure, you could create a new blog with that old Blog Address again and redirect all traffic but it’s not very nice to trouble others, isn’t it? They’ll have to update your address, re-bookmark you. Heck you could’ve lost a few readers too. Fickleness won’t make you look good.

Remember, those people who linked back to you would be pointing to your PREVIOUS domain. 🙂 So by changing to having a domain of your own, you’ll have to re-build the incoming links. So that means if you already have a blog with high Google PageRank, you will have to work for it again and some might actually be lost in transition. Even if everyone updates their link to your domain, you’ll have to hope Google update their PR soon before you get PR back.

To Domain Or Not

Domain names and web-hosting packages are cheap now compared to 10 years ago – so the only question now is whether you intend to embark into the world of serious blogging. If you are, then do yourself a favor and get yourself a domain name and host your own blog instead of relying on free blog services.

So Where Do You Stand?

Yes, after reading this article has brought you greater understanding of the significance in having the right choice of Blog Address, just because it’s FREE that doesn’t mean you don’t put effort into choosing what’s best for you.

Have a friend or few who’s about to start a blog or has just recently started a blog? Tell them what you’ve learned today. 🙂 You could forward them this page with the link right below.

14 thoughts on “Careless Choice of Blog Address

  1. Nicely said. 🙂

    Although the long words of URL are easy to remember, sometimes they appear to be annoying as well. (at least to me 😛 )

  2. Nice say there. And if a name had appeared in your mind or you’ve decided to go for paid hosting, you must get the domain fast!

    If not, a failure to get a favaourable domain will demoralised the blogging passion in some way…

  3. I can’t believe I did miss this behavioural out of people selecting a domain. 😛

    Furthermore, we need to start thinking creatively in order to have the right name for not just the domain but the company. 😉

  4. James, yeah long words could be annoying if you have to type too much so one has to balance between memorable + representation of company / personal + not difficult to spell. for example – not everyone knows how to spell “necessary” correctly. 😛

    Wayne, ditto about the domain name part. Great men think alike but not everything could be shared. 😀 I just realize you got your domain! Gonna update the link.

    Danny, speaking of domain and company – I did come by people who wanted to have their company name with ‘&’ and also a keyword or 2 in the domain name. LOL.

  5. I must admit that a good choice of domain/sub-domain is important.

    Besides that, there is a better possibility of getting indexed by Google.

    compare and

    It’s undeniable that when it comes to search for mobile, comes first rather than

    Well, that’s just my opinion.

  6. I agreed on HeheHunter. domain/sub-domain give better SEO.

    Now, setting up a domain only cost you less than 8USD + RM30 for hosting.

    It is so cheap. Why don’t buy your own domain rather than using those free blogging. They own your content rather you own it by end of the day.

  7. Thanks yellowfans, if you guys see anyone “breaking such laws” remember to show them this article.

    It’s for every bloggers’ own good. 😀

  8. I totally agree on the address with mixed letters and numbers o.O kinda confusing and I’m so lazy to rmb haha.. Unfortunately my name had been taken, had chose another shorter but memorable domain name, which had some special meaning to me(apparently appeared in my dream) ^^ Like what harsher mentioned, unique 😛 I think short-words URLs (not just letters) are better, especially for those Chinese blogs ^^”

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