Canon EOS 1D X World Wide Launch

Canon EOS 1D X Worldwide Launch

The Event

More details of the product at DP Review

10k views in just a little over 2 days. 😀 Shows how the world is interested in this new Flagship model.

*The burst mode video was out way earlier, after that I got really busy with work and such. So sorry for the delay.

Price? Not available until March 2012.
Availability? March 2012.

WTH!?!?! I would say the event was more like an UNVEILING and ANNOUNCEMENT, rather than a LAUNCH. Makes no sense having a launch when the product is only available only half a year later, and price only unveiled then. 🙁

First Impression

Love the camera – my interest lies in the……
– improved AF system, the most advanced on any EOS body.
– multiple-exposure, something available on competitor brands for a long time. 🙂 I’m sure it’ll make its way to the upcoming consumer models.
– joystick / controller button catered to vertical holding.
– additional buttons on the front, customizable for functions.
– super high ISO range.

While we don’t know the price, being a flagship model mean it’s not going to be cheap. Based on rumors going around, it’s going to be around RM 20k (other sites estimated USD 6.8k ….. hrmmm…….)

I must admit, I was impressed throughout the presentation on how much improvement Canon has placed on the unit and it is certainly worth the price should the features suit your need. 🙂

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