BarCamp / BarCampKL

BarCamp / BarCampKL

I have to admit (sheepishly) that I wasn’t aware of such a thing called BarCamp, when Daniel of first talked to me about it I actually thought it had something to do with LAW! What a joke!

Well, I was sure grateful for that introduction, and there I was a BarCampKL just today. There’s another session tomorrow.

And the purpose of this article? Well, let’s just say I had a great time even though I could only make it for the morning sessions and I’d really would like to share this to my readers. 🙂 Yes yes, I have the photos ready too!

*sorry la so many events / goldfries @ articles instead of product reviews or guides. I see good things, I share. More reviews and guides coming in April so stick around.*

What is BarCamp?

BarCamp is basically a very open, participant-driven workshop event where people share knowledge and ideas and expand their social and business network.

There is usually no particular theme. Those people who want to share ideas and knowledge – of any subject, in any field – could register for time and room to host their session. Then, the rest of the people could come to event for free and join any session that they are interested in. If they find that the session uninteresting, they could just leave and go to the next one.

There has been a lot of interesting topics in the past barcamp events. Check out the topics at the first BarCamp KL, StartupCamp KL and the recent BarCamp JB.


My Experience

BarCampKL was scheduled to start at 9:00AM……. I just got up. 😛 That’s because I spent the night before trouble-shooting one of my machines and also played a few missions in Red Alert 3 : Uprising.

I did check the session schedules (they’ve changed it), I had no interest in the topics for the 9:00AM session so I thought I’d catch myself an extra hour of sleep. My plan was to attend the 10:00AM session, to be presented by my friend James from Friedbeef’s Tech (Yes yes, I know. Our website both sound like some foodie network or something).

I got there, took a while to find parking and finally reached the 4th floor if INTI College, Subang Jaya, at around 10:10AM. Here’s what I saw when I reach the 4th floor.

BarCamp / BarCampKL

Much to my surprised to find that sessions were moved 30 minutes back and James’ session was postponed to 2:30pm. Darn…….. I can’t make it. James ended up joining David and myself for other sessions.

Here’s what the crowd looked like towards noon. Heck it was packed! I can’t move, neither could most people. I have no freakin’ idea why the organizers moved the noticeboard into the hallway when there’s ample space outside around the lift area.

BarCamp / BarCampKL

The bottleneck was so severe that traffic wasn’t moving at one point. You have the crowd reading the notice, then the 2 way traffic trying to negotiate path with no space left for allowance.

BarCamp / BarCampKL

The best session (that I attended) for the day was the one by Colin Charles. The session was packed, with people coming in even 30 minutes into the talk.

BarCamp / BarCampKL

Visit Colin’s blog post on his presentation : Behind the scenes: Advertising and PR, Bloggers and Integrity: Making Money, While Being Honest

This article’s a bit late, some of you (like myself) may already have plans for Sunday. Nevertheless keep an eye out for more upcoming BarCamps. 🙂 I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

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  1. some penangite also plan to make a barcamp at Penang too, I wonder how will happen over here…

  2. Author

    yes david i did. 🙂 i thought my article was clearly showing it.

    and yes calvyn, who knows there might be one! because there was one in JB already, then KL.

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