XPG Casings – BattleCruiser and Invader at Computex 2019

XPG Casings – the BattleCruiser and Invadar, making their debut at Computex 2019.

XPG has never had a casing in their product line-up and you can browse their site now, it’s still not there yet.

If you saw my report about the XPG Orb, you’ll notice that there’s a casing at the rear of the capsule and that’s a casing from XPG.

Starting off there’s the BattleCruiser an ATX tower casing with tempered glass panel on all sides. The BattleCruiser is an even more attractive product once you consider that it has 4 RGB LED pre-installed.

And then there’s the Invader, another ATX casing but of a simpler design with 1 side Tempered Glass.

Both casings have front panel that’s easy to remove, this is definitely a plus point as it makes maintenance a lot easier. I must say that XPG Casings definitely look great in my book, currently I like both with the BattleCruiser having a little bit more points.

Both casings allow users to install radiator on front and also on the motherboard tray area. Now the only thing I would like to know is WHEN will the casings be ready and HOW MUCH do they cost.

Better yet, XPG – please send them over!