XPG AIO and PSU – more stuff at Computex 2019

XPG AIO and PSU? Wow that’s even more players in the market, the AIO isn’t the best looking around but the PSU does look interesting.

These products aren’t in the market yet but you can keep an eye on XPG over here.

XPG AIO and PSUs were used in the XPG casings demo.

The AIO coolers aren’t spectacular as they’re pretty much like any other ASETEK based AIO out in the market. What sets it apart would be the CPU block design and the bundled fans.

The product that piqued my interest would be the PSU, they’re available in 4 SKU from 550W to 850W. The PSUs are said to be 80Plus gold in rating but as for which OEM is it from, no details on that yet.

With XPG AIO and PSU it just means there’s now even more players in the market and it also means you can setup a full XPG system. Whether or not the XPG systems do make an entry to your market region remains unknown at this point of time, I definitely look forward to setup something that’s 100% XPG.

I must admit that I’m not keen on their AIO but I do wonder if they’ll produce tower coolers, that’ll be neat.