Cooler Master MasterCase H100 Mini-ITX Casing

Lovely mini-ITX casing designed based on Cooler Master’s MasterCase series, the Cooler Master MasterCase H100 embodies the signature design elements in a tiny cube form factor.

What I like most about the Cooler Master MasterCase H100 here is that it has a 200mm fan at the front, I love this type of unit with big fans. It accommodates ATX size PSU so going SFX sized PSU will allow you more room for larger CPU cooler.

This casing is very new so you won’t see it at Cooler Master just yet.

Photos of the MasterCase H100

The H500 series – made small.

Front view

At the top you’ll see the signature MasterCase design, shrunken of course.

Top view

It even comes with a handle now for you to lug the tiny frame around.

Comes with handle

The front frame opens quite easily.

Front open

This is where you access the components, you’ll have to remove the PSU before reaching the board.


From the rear you should be able to figure out what are the possible configurations.

Rear view

It’s been a long while since Cooler Master released a neat looking Mini-ITX casings, sure the Elite series are legendary in their own way but they’re all ancient in design right now and I feel that having a MasterCase style Mini-ITX couldn’t have come any sooner.

As you can see the H100 retains the MasterCase design, from the front, to the top, even to the 200mm fan with RGB lights – let’s just say this is a portable version of the H500 series, giant casings shrunk to be portable.