XPG Orb Gaming Experience Machine at Computex 2019

A fully custom made platform just for the event, the XPG Orb showcases all of the current and upcoming components from XPG, a brand under ADATA.

The XPG Orb is as what you saw, a single capsule that has a desktop system at the back of the cockpit area.

The focus of this gaming capsule is gaming, the highlights are XPG’s gaming peripherals of which I will highlight in another article. In addition, do check out XPG to know what’s already in the market.

Build wise it looks unique because of the design, as if it’s something that came from the future. The capsule as designed to showcase as many XPG products as possible, and that’s why you see there’s a complete desktop unit at the rear and it uses as many XPG components as possible.

Being a brand that’s bringing more gaming related products it is good to have a place to showcase as many of them as possible, therefore having a gaming capsule as such is definitely a plus.

I’m not surprised that the Orb draws much attention because it is certainly an attractive showcase. Interested users come and go as XPG staff ushers them into the unit, allowing them to give the unique racing game a good run.