The ROG X99 Exclusive OC Socket from ASUS – Extra Pins for Extra Performance

The new patent-pending OC Socket by ASUS / ROG taps the potential of X99 motherboards to enable greater performance.


What is OC Socket?

Haswell-E (Intel Core i7-5960X, 5930X and 5280K) processors actually have more pads than the reference LGA2011-3 socket design, so ASUS added extra socket pins to tap this resource. OC Socket is an enhancement based on the reference LGA2011-3 design, so for users not overclocking or tweaking voltages in the BIOS, OC Socket does not activate. However for those that do overclock and tune performance, there’s significant benefits.

Is OC Socket compatible with LGA2011-3 CPUs? – Yes!

It’s currently available in in the following ASUS products
– ROG Rampage V Extreme
– ASUS X99-Deluxe
– ASUS X99-Pro
– ASUS X99-A

More details at the OC Socket page.

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