SAPPHIRE launches New NITRO Radeon RX 460 & Radeon RX 460

For online gamers playing most popular titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends or Overwatch SAPPHIRE Technology introduces the new inexpensive SAPPHIRE NITRO Radeonâ„¢ RX 460 graphics card. Featuring the latest power-efficient Polaris chip and making no compromises in cooling, the new budget king of the Radeon rebellion is an affordable upgrade to latest graphics technology.


Designed to perform great in massively popular online titles, the SAPPHIRE NITRO Radeonâ„¢ RX 460 promises minimum input lag and over 100 frames per second in Dota 2 or Rocket League in 1080p. Performance up to 30% better than R7 260X is the result of factory-overclocked 4th generation GCN core. The card features 896 stream processors with a boost clock up to 1250 MHz as well as 4 GB of GDDR5 video memory on 128-bit interface and clocked at 1750 MHz (7 Gbps effective speed).

With NITRO CoolTech and Intelligent Fan Control III also built in, the SAPPHIRE NITRO Radeon™ RX 460 turns of the fans completely if the temperature doesn’t exceed 52 degrees under low load scenarios.

· Factory-overclocked to 1250 MHz
· Improved Dual-X cooling with two 90 mm fans
· Software-based Fan Health System for fan health monitoring
· SAPPHIRE Fan Service with Quick Connect for comfortable warranty-covered fan exchange
· LED PCB & fan backlight
· Latest outputs: HDMI 2.0b and DisplayPort 1.4

First Impression

I think Sapphire is always one of the best pick when it comes to AMD cards – I’ve had hiccups on some but I’ve also had great experience on many others so they’re still up there on my recommended list.

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