PIKOM Fair 2014

Do you remember my articles on “My thoughts on PC Fair” and “The PC Fair Experience“?


I’ve decided to visit PIKOM Fair 2014 started today and ends on Sunday 21st December, and my how PIKOM Fair is so different from PC Fair. Promotions galore? Yes but don’t expect the fair to be as if you’re shopping at places like Low Yat Plaza or Digital Mall PJ.


The fair takes up Halls 1 to 4 in KL Convention Centre it’s very unlike the super packed PC Fair before, though it’ll still be packed come the weekend but overall should still provide a much better experience. I think it’s a great place to get to know what’s available in the market as brands and retailers showcase what’s new.





For example, ASUS Malaysia held fort at the first corner, you can’t miss them and their new products like the GR8 (not in the pic)


There’s also IN WIN casings such as the In Win D-frame I highlighted from my Computex report earlier this year, the showcase is brought to you by IdealTech PC


Ideal also organized an Overclocking Demo, conducted by the guys from OCDrift!


Being a computer fair, we can’t miss Vector as well and Vector products are located at ……..


You guessed it, none other than APES of course, the team of specialist for custom PC, especially in custom water-cooling setup. There’s also the DXRacer chair and Cooler Master gaming products at APES.


Why hello there, one of APES staff prepares the machine for demo.


PIKOM‘s website doesn’t show any schedule on activities cover the 3-day event so I took the liberty to put the schedule here for your reference.


Enjoy your visit! If you’re into shopping, I think Low Yat Plaza is still the best place to be but hey, you never know you’ll get some great stuff from the vendors at KLCC.

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