Intel Next Unit of Computing

Just earlier today, we had a briefing from Intel regarding the NUC.

Here’s a summary of things you should know
– Used for digital signage / home entertainment / others
– fully scalable
– smaller than Mini ITX
– powered by Intel Core i3-3217U processor (though there are Celeron models)
– has Thunberbolt (on DC3217BY only), BIOS vault, Fast Boot, Visual BIOS and Anti-Theft technology (yes, it’s that small)

Price varies from RM 1.5k to RM 2k range, possibly more – depending on configuration. I’d rather not be the one quoting the FIXED price as vendors will be handling the sale of the product.

Here’s a link to the product (one of it) in with further detail.

Clifford Tan, Channel Platform, Intel Electronics (Malaysia)


The NUC reminds me of my Dell Inspiron Zino, shrunken and given steroids but without an optical drive, and audio output is now via HDMI.

For me, I’d like my HTPC to have good amount of hard disk space which I don’t see it being possible with the NUC unless I use an External Hard Disk – not something I think is classy.

That said, I think the NUC is terrific for offices – no more the need of bulky desktops, and with the availability of the LAN, USB Drives and the Internet – one could do away with optical drives. The NUCs could even be hooked to the back of monitors.

Some units are said to come with 30GB mSATA SSD which I think is a good size to lower the cost yet having sufficient space for OS, programs and storage.

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  1. I think this could be a good solution for third world countries like India, Indonesia, Burma, Malaysia etc.

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