Samsung Flexible Display at CES 2013: ‘YOUM’

Yeah, faster do it before Apple comes up with something similar and patents it. 😀 Just do everything before Apple does!!!

I hope the future is near because I can’t wait to have a device like this. Imagine a phone and tablet, foldable!

At this point of time, I think the game changers in the mobile device market are Samsung and Asus.

Samsung has been innovative, especially with their devices like Galaxy Note but in my opinion, Asus is even more innovative, with their Transformer range, Padfone range and products like the TaiChi.

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  1. The problem with flexible displays is that the pixels rub off leaving a blank spot where they used to be. With pocket devices the chance of rubbing off pixels is significant and can result in a totally blank device within a year’s use.

    Of course, the manufacturers will provide pixel protectors for their displays but this just lengthens the time before the pixels are gone.

    The organic chemicals used to make the pixels are highly toxic to humans. You certainly don’t want to have loose organic liquid crystal pixels floating around in your pockets.

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