New 5D Mark III Box Arrives Full of Laminate Flooring, No Camera

As per title, I’m sure many of you have already read this article from Fstoppers. thinks that there is a high possibility that the person actually is playing a trick on Dell.

Here’s why …….

Let’s skip to their 2nd set of photos, which in my opinion, raises the suspicion to another level. Firstly, it’s just a white box. If any of you bought anything online before – you’ll know that the box would not be just as plain as this. There’s often some sticker around, stating the details of the purchase and all.

Secondly, why is the FedEx parcel cover inside the white box? It doesn’t make sense at all at this point. Even if the company, for some unknown (crazy) reason decides to send you a camera alone, they wouldn’t package it in Fedex’s cover and place it inside the box.

Lastly – there’s an inconsistency there. If it was sent from the same shipping or distribution company – the packaging wouldn’t stray. For example if you ever bought from B&H, their packaging is always B&H style.

In short – I think this is very likely to be a fancy story made up by someone who just had 2 units of 5D Mark III.

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