HTC Malaysia Celebrates HTC Day

HTC Malaysia officially launched the HTC Day at the HTC Concept kiosk located at The Gardens, celebrating the milestones achieved and 17 years of pioneering innovation in he smartphone industry.


Robert Downey Junior

The ‘Here’s To Change’ campaign features creative ads starring the superstar, carrying a message that HTC caters to a variety of people through the actor’s creative, quirky and rebellious attitude. RDJ is given the creative control and has heavily defined the direction of the ad.

HTC Switch

This new program introduces the HTC Transfer Tools, HTC Sync Manager, HTC Get Started and HTC Backup.

All these apps are to facilitate users transferring their phone settings, details and documents to their brand new HTC device.

HTC Careline

The HTC CARELINE is 1800-88-9855. Users having problem with their HTC device can contact HTC CARELINE and have their devices sent for diagnosis and repair without having to leave the comfort of their home.

One Day Offer

For this special day, HTC One X users have the opportunity to trade in their One X to purchase a One at RM 999.
*Yes, I know it’s too late by now. I think HTC should announce this earlier (Sorry if they did) and have it for a week or something.

Anyway, here’s a video of the event.

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