Photo Shoot Setup 楪 いのり (Inori Yuzuhira) – Guilty Crown

Photo Shoot Setup  楪 いのり (Inori Yuzuhira) - Guilty Crown

Hi all, I’m starting a new series with BEHIND THE SCENE details of the figurines I shoot, and hopefully some other form of photography as well.

It’s not much but I hope it gives everyone an idea how they could take photos. 🙂 I will have more articles based on my past images, in some cases I may have lost the details of my setup but nevertheless I will do my best to explain.

Today’s photo – 楪 いのり (Inori Yuzuhira) from Guilty Crown. This of course is the Nendoroid version.

楪 いのり (Inori Yuzuhira) - Guilty Crown

*Click on the image to view the bigger one on my Flickr account.

Canon EOS 60D on-board flash trigger 2x Speedlight 430EX II, EF 100mm Macro f2.8 lens.

1/250 | f/11 / ISO 400 | WB : 5500K | Manual Mode
Group A (front right) – 1/64 +1/3
Group B (back left) – 1/32 +1/3

As always – JPG, no color adjustments.

Normally I take photograph of Nendoroid half bodied but this time I want it full figured.

Here’s the setup

楪 いのり (Inori Yuzuhira) - Guilty Crown, Photoshoot Setup

I used white background and strong flash output at the back to eliminate the semi-transparent holder. Even more tricky, is to eliminate the semi-transparent holder, have a white background WHILE maintaining the semi-transparent lining around her arm that flows down to her feet.

Instead of the usual setup where flash is on the outside, I put the flash unit behind the cloth. This will maximize the brightness of the background but the light is diffused to it reaches the subject at a lower intensity.

The final output is just what you see, only had to PP to remove some light shade of shadow at the bottom and the screw from the older.

The light from the front right is also bounced off the reflector on the left. That’s my diffuser actually. 🙂

I used 2 lights this time instead of my usual 3 …. which I intended to but I ran out of batteries. Urrghh. 🙂 Went on with 2 flash because I didn’t want to waste what I already started.

Took me quite a while (just as in any shot) to find the right placement, angle and intensity to achieve this.

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  1. wow so professional there. I would love to see anime figurines on great landscape backgrounds. Do you have a link of all the figurines shots? I

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