Commercial Grade Food Photography with the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

I was introduced to the Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 edge and they totally changed my world. Click on the article and read about it if you haven’t, basically I’ve went from a DSLR guy to Camera phone guy when it comes to event coverage, I’ve even used the S6 / S6 edge as my main videography gear to cover my Computex 2015 visit.


Sure, I’ve done stock photography with the S6 before and I’m pretty sure the S7 edge can do the same. I was at a foodie event last week representing my other project at Buurps, basically that’s where I post my foodie stuff. I attended the event not knowing what’s to come and to my surprise, the host restaurant KopiShop had some beautiful looking dishes and luckily I have the S6 edge with me. 😀 It was down to about 8% battery life but that’s more than what I needed to get my shots.

Food Photography?

Not many people know this but I am an award-winning professional photographer, certified and recognized by The Master Photographers Association (UK). What started off as a passion turned into a profession.


If you need my service or expertise, you know where to find me – Brian Chong.

Stock Photography

Besides being a commercial photography, I am also a contributor to stock photography website. Here’s my portfolio at Shutterstock and Dreamstime.

You might be wondering – why submit to a stock photo website? The logic is that everyone can say that a photo is nice, it’s not surprising that sub-standard photo is praised by people who are not experienced enough to tell what is good, what is mediocre and what is bad. So instead of leaving it to the non-photographer judge, why not let the people who deal with quality photos be the judge?

This is why I send my photos to stock photography websites as the final test, I’ve done that with my Samsung Galaxy Nexus (i9250), Samsung Galaxy S6 range and Honor 7, I’m doing it the same for the S7 edge. You might wonder – what happened to the photos from the other phone cameras?

Well, it’s either due to lack of opportunity to snap good food picture, or that the image output just does not meet my expectations. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge – I was lucky to have the opportunity, and that the camera is super awesome!

*Click the image to enlarge.*

The Process, The outcome

The photos I submitted to the stock photography site weren’t “straight out of camera”. If you know how stock photography sites work, they’re very strict so it is necessary to make the photos look as good as possible. The post-processing work was minimal, the exposure was very good and the dynamic range covers both dark and bright areas very well. All I need were to enhance those areas to my liking.

The photos were taken at 16:9 aspect ratio but I cropped them to 3:2 aspect ratio to improve the framing, the resolution comes to 2268 x 3402 (that’s 7.7 Megapixels).

5 images were chosen, 5 images were submitted, 5 minutes were approved – Mind you that’s a 100% success rate.


Here are the photos……

Image link

Image link

Image link

Image link

Image link

For those interested.

1. Camera settings on AUTO
2. Natural Light used (Meaning no LED, no flash, no reflectors)

Final Words

Samsung – you guys did a great job with the S6 / S6 edge and the S7 edge continues the legacy, the images are stunning. If the camera on the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge works great for an award winning certified professional photographer, it’ll work great for anyone. 😀

The camera one Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is hands down the best I’ve used, if you want a smartphone with great camera then you need not look further. This is the one for you.

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The photos were taken at The KopiShop by YummyLicious.

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