GamiLight Square 43 Portable Softbox Review

Gamilight is a Malaysian brand of light diffusers and today, we’re looking at how the GamiLight Square 43 that is a portable softbox.


The Square 43 is 43.5cm x 43.5cm x 22.5 when assembled, hence the name SQUARE 43. When fold flat it’s 55.5 x 29 x 1. More details available at the official product page.

The Square 43 came to me at the perfect timing, just a few days short of my trip to Singapore for a photography project with Brazil Churrasco.

In fact I received 2 units of it, which I think is the practical amount of Softbox for the type of photography I’m doing.

I believe some of you may have seen this picture before if you followed’s Facebook updates.


And the results were beautiful. I get good directed and diffused light.


What I liked most about the diffuser is that it folds flat, making it easy to bring it anywhere. It’s also easy to install. The straps hold snugly to my flash units and the diffuser just latches on to it.

The Verdict

The product is good and well priced, retailing at around USD 53 on many online stores. Approximately RM 160 here in Malaysia.

goldfries recommended

I’m a commercial photographer specializing in food photography hence my sample photo is of a food photo. The Gamilight Square 43 can also be applied to portrait photography as well.

If you need a diffuser, do remember to check out Gamilight.

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