Creative Asia 2011 : Day 3 to 5 – Conference

Creative Asia 2011 : Day 3 to 5 - Conference

Day 3 to 5 were conference days at Creative Asia.

I guess seeing articles Day 1 and Day 2, you guys probably thought I’d be doing a Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5 as well, right?

The enthusiastic me thought of having a Day 1 to Day 5 article from Monday to Friday, thinking that are short report shouldn’t be that difficult. I could write them before I sleep, I was wrong! 🙁 I’ve dedicated my week for Creative Asia so at night was the only time I have for meetings and work. The event starts at 9am on Wednesday, and 8am on Thursday and Friday. I need to allocate at least 1 hour for the train ride, I need to wake up at around 6.30am. 🙁 Meetings, works and other matters take up the bulk of the night schedule so I had only 3 to 5 hours sleep.

It was a tiring week for many of us BUT we’re all happy about it, Creative Asia certainly was a memorable event for photography professionals and enthusiasts!

The Conference

Day 3 started off with our organizer Louis Pang giving and introduction speech, followed by an entire day of photo judging.

It was interesting to hear the feedback from judges on the various photos. Jason Magbanua wasn’t present as he was still on his way to Malaysia. Mike Langford is the person chairing the judging panel. The rest of the key speakers were the judges, along with 2 others – Jim Liaw (FMPA Malaysia) and Ryan Wong (FMPA Singapore)

4 Judges for each photo, judges were switched from time to time. 🙂

The day ended with Louis Pang with his

Day 4 started off with Mike Langford which I was really inspired by his landscape photos, stories behind the food / dining + travel combo guide book and the various story book for kids.

2nd speaker for Day 4 was Manny Librodo, he shoots in aperture priority mode and doesn’t fiddle much with the settings but produces inspiring and beautiful photos. 🙂 So what’s this people talking about PRO with SLR must use MANUAL?

3rd speaker for Day 4 was Jason Magbanua – he shoots about 3 weddings in a week, wedding VIDEOS that is! 🙂 It’s awesome to know he’s one of the people behind the lovely video titled “Perya”

Last speaker for Day 4 was Daniel who is an expert in post-processing with Adobe Photoshop.

I wasn’t around for Day 4’s photographer shoot out. 🙁 Sorry guys, no video for that.

Day 5 started off with video conference with Dane Sanders. Interestingly Dane’s sharing was the one that moved me, about how he treasured that 2×2 photo of his and his father. 🙂 Dane’s topic was about how to be different.

By the way Dane, thanks for answering all my tweets! 🙂

2nd Speaker of day 5 was Michael Greenberg, of which I already spent the first 2 days in his workshop. Amazing photographer, especially when it comes to group portraiture which was his topic for the day.

And lastly we have Louis Pang, sharing to us his “guerilla lighting” technique


Worth attending. It was great to meet experienced photographers, it’s their sharing that opens our mind to explore new grounds in photography.

This is exactly why I always discourage people to focus on upgrading of gear and explore the upgrading of skill, and later on – style! 🙂 Make sure you don’t miss future photography events as such!

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