Silverstone ES02-USB Remote Switch Review

Wait, so why do you need a device like the Silverstone ES02-USB to remote power on your computer?

Silverstone ES02-USB Remote Power and Reset Switch Review

But before that, here’s the package. The item at the center with wires coming out of it, is the unit that connects to the motherboard and the power / reset switch pins. And last but not least, the remote control which is the item on the right.

The item on the left is sketchy, it’s not highlighted on the box or anything but looking at the pins, it might seem that this is a “pin-extender” but apparently it is not an extender, it’s just a component for you to change the direction of the header.

Silverstone ES02-USB Remote Power and Reset Switch Review

The remote control unit is simple, just have to unscrew it and place the batter and you’re done. The only thing I didn’t like about the Silverstone ES02-USB is that it’s not using the normal screw driver and there’s no replacement screw bundled in the package so make sure you’re extra careful when assembling the controller.

Silverstone ES02-USB Remote Power and Reset Switch Review

Once done it’s all good as you are now able to control your computer from afar.

Silverstone ES02-USB – What To Use It For?

This is handy if you’re the type of person who wants to power on your computer the moment you park your car at the porch, I’ve tested it and it does have quite a good range.

Another possible use for this is that if your computer’s power switch is broken and you want the switch to be replaced, then you may consider this one though it may cost a bit but you get to have a new power switch without the hassle of dealing with replacing the original switch.

The Verdict

The Silverstone ES02-USB is a neat device though I must say the conditions where one would use it is pretty limited. As for me it looks like the Silverstone ES02-USB will stay on my benchmark rig. 🙂 Or perhaps my mining rig.

Unfortunately the device isn’t available in Malaysia, on sites like Amazon it retails at around USD 23.

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