Prolimatech StaticBooster 14 Review

Prolimatech’s well known for their Ultra Sleek Vortext fan, they are of slim profile yet able to push good amount of air but one thing that these fan fall short is static pressure, and that’s where the StaticBooster 14 comes in.

Prolimatech StaticBooster 14 Review

The booster is a clip-on unit made for the USV 14, the 140mm variant of their Ultra Sleek Vortex fan. Sorry, no love for the 120mm here.

Prolimatech StaticBooster 14 Review

Here’s what it looks like after it is attached to the USV 14 fan.

Prolimatech StaticBooster 14 Review

What Does it Do?

Unlike other reviews, I won’t be going into benchmarks for this one as the amount of air driven by the blades does not miraculously increase with the StaticBooster 14.

Below is the table from the Ultra Sleek Vortext fan review, and I’ve personally tested again and again to confirm that it does not improve performance.

  Load (°C)
USV 14 94
USV 12 94
JetFlo 120 94

Besides improving static pressure, what it does is that it also acts as a buffer to reduce noise and vibration.

The Verdict

It’s a product made for a very niche purpose, you won’t be purchasing this USD 8 (~RM 26) device unless you have a USV 14 and you are sure that you want a device that supposedly improves static pressure while knowing that its increased thickness will not affect the mounting of your fan.

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Sound complicated right? The only time I ever heard anyone actually complaining about the USV fan lacking static pressure is when it’s used with an MK-26 cooler as the lack of static pressure meant that graphic card VRMs aren’t getting the cooling they needed. Sure does have the MK-26 at the lab BUT the clip on the MK-26 doesn’t work with the StaticBooster 14 attached to the USV fan! 🙁

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