Apple Introduces the new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Watch

And so it’s here, will you be upgrading to one? I bet many iPhone users will, especially with the larger screen. 🙂 No more being tempted by the large screens of your Android device user buddies, right?


*Oh and I’ve prepared a table for spec comparison too!

Here it is! (Click to view)

Apple Introduces the new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iWatch

My take is that it’s a good progress for the iPhone range but the specs is a little outdated, for example the awkward resolution on the iPhone 6. My Samsung Galaxy Nexus (i9250) already sports 1280×720 at 4.65″ screen since 2011!

Click here to visit the iPhone 6 page.

Nevertheless specs isn’t everything – what Apple has is the user experience that’s built on their ecosystem. 🙂 Besides the phone, there’s the Apple Watch.


Looking at the page, it looks pretty neat but I’ve no comments on that at the moment. Smartwatches aren’t known to last through the day, I see no purpose in any watch that requires me to charge ever day or few.

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