Palit GTS 250 512MB DDR3 Graphic Card Review

Palit GTS 250 512MB DDR3 Graphic Card Review

A few hours back I introduced the Forsa 9800GTX+ that was used in the hit article nVidia GeForce GTS 250, just another 9800GTX+? that was published just a few days go.

Now, the GTS 250! And yes, from Palit.

The Appearance

The card isn’t small, longer than the Forsa 9800GTX+ by about 1cm, comes in red PCB and sport this really nice cover.

Palit GTS 250 512MB DDR3 Graphic Card Review

Even the fan is a little transparent, I got hit by it a few times and it felt really light.

Palit GTS 250 512MB DDR3 Graphic Card Review

And as you can see from the photos so far, the case covering it is sleek and transparent.

Palit GTS 250 512MB DDR3 Graphic Card Review

What I like about Palit cards so far is that they seem to be the only brand I come by that actually still has a VGA output on the card. And instead of S-video like most other cards, they have HDMI. 🙂 I love this combo very much, spares the hassle of converters.

Palit GTS 250 512MB DDR3 Graphic Card Review

The PCI-E connectors to be more easily accessible, and yeah, it’s 2x PCI-E pin.

Palit GTS 250 512MB DDR3 Graphic Card Review

Back portion looks like any other graphic card.

Palit GTS 250 512MB DDR3 Graphic Card Review

The Bundle

– 1 x DVI to D-Sub adaptor
– 1 x S-video to Composite cable
– 1 x Power cable
– Driver CD

Card Details

Here’s a summarized detail of the card.

GPU Code NameG92b
Memory TypeDDR3
Memory Bandwidth256-bit
Memory Capacity512MB
Core Clock745Mhz
Memory Clock1100Mhz (2.2Ghz DDR)
Shader Clock1848Mhz

Palit GTS 250 512MB DDR3 Graphic Card Review

Pardon the GPU-Z for displaying the wrong details. It’s 55nm, not 65nm. 🙂 And G92b, which is an improved version of the G92 GPU.

More details at the official product page

Test Setup

The computer setup used for this review.

ProcessorIntel Coreâ„¢2 Duo E7200 @ 3.4ghz (8.5×400)
RAM2x 2GB OCZ DDR2 PC2-8500 Reaper HPC Edition
MotherboardAlbatron PXP35
CoolerSunbeamtech Core-Contact Freezer Heatsink
Monitor20″ Dell Ultra-sharp Wide-screen LCD
Power SupplyGigabyte Odin 550 GT
Operating SystemWindows Vista Home Basic 32bit
Driver VersionForceware 182.08

The Performance

All tests were done with 4xAA. Alternatively you could view the stats at nVidia GeForce GTS 250, just another 9800GTX+? article as well. I’ve updated the content with Forceware 182.08 driver results.


Graphic Detail : Maximum at 1680×1050

GTS 25079

World In Conflict

Graphic Detail : Maximum @ 1680×1050

GTS 25028

Company Of Heroes : Opposing Fronts

Graphic Detail : Maximum @ 1680×1050

GTS 25040.3
ASUS EAH4850 TOP48.1

Lost Planet : Extreme Condition

Graphic Detail : Maximum at 1680 x 946

CardSnow (Average)Cave (Average)
GTS 25042.356.5
ASUS EAH4850 TOP49.659.6


Graphic Detail : Maximum @ 1680×1050

GTS 25011.85
ASUS EAH4850 TOP14.11

Devil May Cry 4

Graphic Detail : Maximum @ 1680×1050

CardScene 1Scene 2Scene 3Scene 4
GTS 250104.0571.24123.4076.62
ASUS EAH4850 TOPN/A because I didn’t test with it.


Graphic Detail : Maximum @ 1680×1050

GTS 2507
Forsa 9800GTX+7

Operating Temperature

Furmark was used for graphic card stressing.

 Idle (°C)Load (°C)Stress (°C)

Pretty hot but one thing good was that it’s silent. Readings were taken when ambient temperature was around 25°C.

– Load, Furmark was run for 1 minute at 1680×1050 with 4xAA.
– Stress, Furmark was run under the Stress Test mode for 5 minutes.

Power Consumption

Please note that the numbers below indicate the wattage for the entire system, not the graphic card alone.

 Idle (w)Load (w)
System Power Consumption81143


Nice looking, nice performance. I still find it damn hard to give call these cards RECOMMENDED. It’s still a G92 from the 8800 series. 🙁

Yes, it’s the same comment from that of Forsa’s card. In my sign of disapproval of nVidia’s rebadging scheme, The only reason I’m awarding the RECOMMENDATION for this card is that it still holds well in performance and I believe offers better value than the 9800GTX+ cards.

goldfries recommended

The newer number and improvements practically made it pointless to buy 9800GTX+ cards. Blame nVidia for the stupid naming game they play.

goldfries rated this product :


  1. You’re wrong, not GPU-Z.

    It is a 65nm, because it is a in fact just a 9800gtx. Nvidia allowed companied to rebadge their old stock as gts 250s as long as it was 512mb. So basically you didn’t review a gts 250.

  2. Author

    I’m not the only one who had GPU-Z reporting the wrong details, but i won’t debate on what you decide to believe. 🙂

  3. hi i sow that this palit gts 250 default settings is higher that what my defaults are. mine are gpu- 705mhz. mem- 2000. sader- 1512. can someone give a rezone 4 this? and isit save for me to clock it to= gpu- 805mhz, mem- 2320mhz, shader- 1900?

  4. so can i know which 1 is better? gts250 or 9800?
    my system:
    core 2 quad 9300 2.5ghz
    ram 667 4gb
    board ecs chipset 45

    can i know what best GPU for my system…. for gamming?


  5. A lot of fantastic items on this page and really didn’t have a clue in relation to any of this previously so many thanks for that understanding

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