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OK, I’m back!

Last weekend was hectic, first time ever to publish 2 articles over the weekend. 🙂 After that, I decided to have a break to work on other things in life (yes, I have a life!) and now I’m back.

Just in case no one noticed, the PC Buying Guide hasn’t been updated since November 2008. I blame myself for the decline in commitment but nevertheless I’m re-committing myself to it and it was updated just a few days back. 😀

I’ll probably add more setups. Other than that, more articles to come – the usual hardware / device reviews and informative articles.

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  1. I that you recommend AMD Athlon X2 rather than Intel Dual Core E2xxx series.

    May I know why? If I’m not mistaken their price range is almost the same, but E2xxx can overclock better, have good speeds and the major advantage is that is uses far less power.

    And what about the E5xxx series? How does AMD Athlon X2 compare to that?

    I’m very curious to find out 😛

  2. Author

    If you notice, the low-end setup uses onboard graphic system.

    So yeah, basically I do agree that E2xxx processors are good and even I still keep them BUT if you bring onboard graphic system into consideration then those AMD boards such as those using the AMD780 are still better than that of Intel’s onboard.

    So as you can see, I’m not bringing power usage and overclocking into consideration. The people who are picky on power consumption and overclocking generally wouldn’t even be referring to the guide. 🙂 (yes, i said generally. not all. )

    as for how E5xxx compares to X2 – I have not done comparison but there’s plenty over the Internet. I’d say it fares equally well, setup an AMD X2 and Intel PDC E5xxx and put them side by side and you can’t tell the different.

  3. Thanks for the explanation! =)

  4. May I ask, I’m on a tight budget. Should I choose Gigabyte P35 chipset(DS4) or P45?
    Or should I save for whole rig instead of getting one components each month?

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