Intel Core i3-530 Processor IGP Review

Intel Core i3-530 Processor IGP Review

Not to be confused with the Intel Core i3-530 Processor Review, this article is about the performance of the Core i3-530’s Integrated Graphics unit.

There’s really nothing to talk about, after all it’s an integrated chip within the processor itself.

Intel Core i3-530 Processor IGP Review

Test Setup

The computer setup used for this review.

Processor Intel Core i3-530
RAM OCZ 1066mhz 4GB Dual-Channel Kit
Motherboard MSI H55-E33
Cooler Stock heatsink
Monitor 20″ Dell Ultra-sharp Wide-screen LCD
Power Supply Gigabyte Odin GT 550w
Operating System Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit

The Performance

For the review, I’ll be comparing the IGP to the Galaxy Geforce GT220 OC Edition 1GB DDR3

One thing to note was that AA was automatically disabled, so all in-game AA options were automatically set to 0x.

World In Conflict

Graphic Detail : 1680×1050

Card Average
Core i3-530 IGP (low) 26
Core i3-530 IGP (medium) 10
GT220 (maximum) 13
GT220 (maximum, with 0x AA / AF) 23

In plain English, the IGP on MEDIUM has a framerate like GT220 on maximum. Setting it to LOW is like having the GT220 with the max detail slightly tuned down.

Company Of Heroes : Opposing Fronts

Graphic Details : Varied

Card Average
Core i3-530 IGP (1024×768 auto) 37.9
Core i3-530 IGP (1024×768 max) 10.9
Core i3-530 IGP (1680×1050 auto) 26.2
GT220 (1680×1050 max) 21.2

The game is not playable at 1024×768 with maximum details (4xAA). Using the AUTO mode, it actually turns out fine with blazing framerates but at the cost of graphic detail. It seems that the game is playable at 1680×1050 too but at very low graphic detail.

Best bet would be at 1024×768 with the graphic details pumped higher.

Lost Planet : Extreme Condition

Graphic Details : Varied

Card Snow (Average) Cave (Average)
Core i3-530 IGP (1024×768 LOW) 17.4 25.0
Core i3-530 IGP (1024×768 MAX) 9.8 14.6
GT220 (1680 x 946 MAX) 17.6 25.2

Even at 1024×768 with the lowest setting possible, the IGP could only attain the framerate of the GT220 at 1680 x 946 with Max settings (including 4xAA).


Graphic Details : Varied

Card Average
Core i3-530 IGP (1024×768 0xAA Low) 17.91
Core i3-530 IGP (1680×1050 0xAA Medium) 5.48
GT220 5.24
GT220 (0x AA, Medium) 22.45

At 1680×1050 0xAA Medium setting, the IGP was as slow as when the GT220 when stressed on VERY HIGH with 4xAA.

Going all the way down to 1024×768 0xAA Low setting, the IGP wasn’t even close to being playable as the GT220 on 1680×1050 on 0xAA Medium setting.


Graphic Detail : Maximum @ 1680×1050

Card Average
Core i3-530 IGP (low) 27
GT220 15
GT220 (0x AA) 19

This is the second game here where the IGP could attain playable framerate at 1680×1050, again at the cost of detail – all were set to the lowest possible. At 27 FPS, that’s not much headroom to pump more details into it either.

Any experienced person can tell you that if a game averages at around 25 FPS, you’re very likely to have the FPS dips here and there where the onscreen action is more intense.


I think there’s no need for me to conclude on the performance part.

Mainstream gaming

PCs with built-in Intel® Graphics Technology provide compelling game realism and lifelike effects, enabling a cost-effective PC solution without the need for an external graphics card.


Realism and lifelike effects are a far cry from what they can provide. All the Intel GMA and the ones that are integrated into processors are just as what they have always been – INTEGRATED, and they’re not something you’d depend on for decent gaming experience unless you’re talking about games from PopCap or Yahoo!, or perhaps running some really old games that aren’t demanding on the graphic department (think SimCity 2000, X-Com : Enemy Unknown, Transport Tycoon…….).

Cost-effective PC solution? Not exactly, at least not with the on-processor IGP for now. PCs for number crunching or media encoding / decoding have no need for an external graphic card. In the past, you could pair a high-end quad-core processor on a G31 board and still have IGP because the IGP was on the motherboard.

At present there’s no way to run the IGP if you intend to use higher-end processors like the i5-750 or i7-860 because the graphic system is only enabled when you use a board that supports the on-processor IGP and a processor that has the IGP. Looks like you’ll have to buy a graphic card even if you don’t need one!

Don’t worry, it’s not a bad move from Intel. The direction to SoC, the future has to start somewhere. It won’t be long before all Intel processor scome with IGP.

No RECOMMENDATION is involved here, simply because if you bought the awesome i3-530 processor, you get the IGP whether you like it or not. 😀 Bear in mind that you’ll only get to use it when it’s paired with the right type of motherboard. (eg, those based on Intel H55 chipset).

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