Cooler Master V650 Semi-Modular Review

Cooler Master’s V-Series of power supply comes in 2 forms – Full Modular and Semi Modular so what is featured in this article is the Cooler Master V650 Semi-Modular.

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While semi-modular power supply units are often with just the ATX and CPU12V cables pre-attached, the Cooler Master V650 Semi-Modular comes not only having those 2 attached but they’ve pre-attached the PCI-E power cable. I believe this is done so with the assumption that anyone that goes for a 650W power supply is sure to have a graphics card on the system.

The main power cables are all braided and non-flat types, and their opening at the connection powers are unsleeved – put it simple, some what ugly. Fortunately for Cooler Master the peripheral cables are flat types.

I think the greater concern is that the unit comes with only a unit of PCI-E cable which is a problem if the connectors were damaged (how is it possible?) or that your setup requires more PCI-E connector, or just needing a wider gap. One solution is to draw power from the 4-pin molex with a molex to PCI-E converter, that’ll work.

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Here’s the power delivery table.

ThermalTake Toughpower Grand RGB 650W Review

More details at the official product page.

User Experience

The Cooler Master V650 Semi-Modular, as with any other PSU, is straight forward. I tested it with my Core i7-5960X and a bunch of graphics card and loading it up to a wall reading of around 600W and the Cooler Master V650 Semi-Modular had no problem withstanding the torture over the hours.

The 12V rail delivers less than 12V, running at 11.60V range but this is just my observation, nothing to be alarmed about as it’s within the ATX 2.0 specification where the variances is to be within 5%.

My issue with the Cooler Master V650 Semi-Modular is that the PSU buzzes from time to time, there’s no sign of instability and I don’t think many people will notice the buzz but I do and it’s not something I like.

The Verdict

The Cooler Master V650 Semi-Modular retails at around RM 500 and comes with 5-year warranty, it delivers the power needed so I’ve no issue with that but I do have 2 concerns – the main cables aren’t cable management friendly and there’s buzzing going on from time to time.

It’s not a bad PSU at all but there are better value PSU around at the same price point but with better features.

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