BenQ EW2440L 24″ Full HD LED Monitor Review

User Experience

The EW2440L uses VA panel, which is an LED panel type that’s between the TN panel and the much hailed IPS panel.

Coming from a gamer perspective, the monitor worked fine and I wouldn’t be able to notice any difference between an IPS monitor and the EW2440L’s VA panel unless I place them side by side.

The MHL link worked great too, here’s a quick video of how the MHL works.

I usually run it at 30% blue light reduction for games, the colors still look great but you still get the goodness of reduced blue lights. Once the setting goes higher, like say 70%, the color difference is distinct.

I’m a professional photographer / web designer by profession and colors are really important to me so the monitor wouldn’t be helpful on this aspect BUT for people who are not dealing with color-sensitive tasks like general office productivity (document writing, E-mails, spreadsheets, reading) then the low blue light technology would be very helpful.

The only downside I could see here is that one needs to get used to the slight color change from the blue light reduction.

One thing I like and yet dislike about the monitor is the touch-panel as it’s barely visible. Even in a decently lit room, the dots for the panel just fades away to match the frame once it’s in the shadows – read : the light must not be behind the monitor.

BenQ EW2440L 24

It’s funny though, my experience when it comes to turning the monitor on, is often a random stroke across the monitor and hope that it registers my touch. To fiddle around for input changes or launching the menu is often an “I hope my random touch works” experience.

The Verdict

The BenQ EW2440L comes at an SRP of RM 799 – take note that the EW2440L is a great monitor (VA panel, near bezel-less) with health benefits (Flicker Free and Low Blue Light) that comes packaged with an MHL cable.

The minor complaints aside, I think the EW2440L is a winner in my book. 😀 This is one monitor that I’m not afraid to dismantle the base too, I’ve experienced quite a few other brands that make you wonder whether you’ll break anything during the uninstall process.

goldfries recommended

Now if only BenQ made it such that we can rotate the screen for vertical alignment, now that’ll be great for people who are viewing long documents or websites. 😀

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  1. the price looks good for the features but how about the sound quality? is it loud or barely able to listen to the speaker? that flicker free and low blue light sound like a good features but not sure if it good enough to replace my old trusty AOC 2236VW..

  2. Does the EW2440L viewable screen size actually measure 23.6″ diagonal? I would prefer if it were 23.6 as I am trying to preserve pixel density going from a 17″ in 1280 x 1024.

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