Asus RT-N14U Wireless-N300 Cloud Router

Don’t be fooled by this small WiFi router that looks like something that came out from a Sci-Fi movie – I wasn’t expecting much from it but I must say it’s a router worth looking at.

Nothing fancy at the back either.

More details at the official product page.

If you look at the photo above, you’ll see that there is a USB port. I think this is the key selling point of this router.

It’s nice to have a router that is able to dial though USB modem, among many other features included.

The signal from this router is strong too, despite the lack of any physical antenna.

On my HTC One, I see full bars connectivity from my living room despite having the router in one of the rooms in the upper floor. Compare that to my router from TM (Unifi stock WiFi router) that only shows 1 bar, and occasionally fluctuating to full strength and back to minimal.

The Verdict

I’ve ridiculed Asus networking products before, they were a joke back then with their nonsensical interface but through the years, they’ve evolved and this product comes with my recommendation. 🙂 Good stuff!

The product retails at RM 189, and comes with 3 years warranty.

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  1. can it work with Unifi out of the box? Or is a firmware flash required?

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