Asus Orion PRO Gaming Headset Review reviewed the Vulcan Pro not long ago but that was a rather pricey (but good!) headset. If that’s beyond your league then maybe you should look at the Orion Pro.

Asus Orion PRO Gaming Headset Review

Unlike the Vulcan Pro, the Orion Pro does not come with any hard cover case. It’s a headset as it is, no foldable parts, no detachable wires, the mic is already part of the headset itself.

Asus Orion PRO Gaming Headset Review

The ear piece is comfortable but it’s with moving axis like the ones on Vulcan Pro so the comfort level is different, still good but just not as good.

Asus Orion PRO Gaming Headset Review

Here’s a closer view of the ear piece.

Asus Orion PRO Gaming Headset Review

Just as the Vulcan Pro, it comes with the exclusive ROG Spitfire USB audio processor that’s driver-free. Yes, this hardware DSP (digital signal processor) does not require any driver and has settings for 7.1 virtual surround, headphone amplifier, and FPS EQ one-click gaming sound enhancement modes.

Asus Vulcan PRO Gaming Headset Review

More details at the official product page

User Experience

The audio quality is good but not as rich as the audio quality heard on the Vulcan Pro. The noise cancellation is decent but you can feel that it’s a notch down from the Vulcan Pro

Just as the Vulcan Pro, the hassle-free installation of the USB DSP controller further improves the overall experience. Again, I tested the headset on Guild Wars 2 and seems like the audio positioning is good as they claimed.

The Verdict

Overall it’s still a solid gaming headset. Why am I comparing it with the Vulcan Pro so much?

Well think about it this way, you’re getting most of the goodies you can get from the Vulcan Pro, losing out by having audio quality that’s rich but just not as rich as the Vulcan Pro by paying only 2/3 the price!

I’d say, it’s a great headset for RM 300.

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