AMD Athlon X4 840 Processor Review

All the FX CPU and A series APU side, AMD retains its Athlon name for the lower range CPU. The X4 840 is AMD’s quad-core CPU that shares the same platform as their APU, minus the graphics capability.

Processor Details, Test Setup & Overclocking

So this is the X4 840, it is basically the A8-7600 without graphics output capability.

Motherboard ASUS A88X Pro
RAM Kingston HyperX 2x 4GB 2400Mhz DDR3
Power Supply Cooler Master V850
Operating System Windows 10 64bit

The processor is without unlocked multiplier hence overclock is limited, with some adjustments I could get a some base clock boost but that meant running with slower memory speed and that seems to affect the processor.


The following are the test results.

x264 – 10bit to 8bit Video Conversion

The source video is a 720p MKV file that is 90 seconds in duration. x264 settings at the slowest.

Processor Time Taken
AMD Athlon X4 840 370
AMD A10-7850K 340
Intel Core i3-4130 313

ASUS RealBench H.264

Default settings

Processor Time Taken
AMD Athlon X4 840 152
AMD A10-7850K 145


X264 10bit to 8bit conversion was used to stress the card. Fan settings are at Auto. Room set to ~25c.

Processor Idle(°C) Load (°C)
AMD Athlon X4 840 43 85

The X4 840 comes with a very very small cooler, it’s even smaller that the stock AMD coolers that I’m used too. It’s so small that the processor seems rather hot despite having low power draw.

Power Consumption

Power Consumption measurement is based on readings taken from watt-meter. Power consumption is based on entire system, comprising of the processor, a motherboard, 2 sticks of RAM and 1 fan for cooling purpose. For this setup, the power consumption is inclusive of the R7 250 graphics card. Estimated actual draw is calculated based on 90% power efficiency of PSU, and deducting an approximate of 15W for GPU, SSD and cooling fan.

Condition Peak (W)
Video Conversion 109
Estimated Actual Draw

The Verdict

The AMD Athlon X4 840 Processor retails at RM 270, a very affordable processor and coupled with a motherboard it costs around RM 500 which is pretty much the cheapest quad-core setup you can get. That seems favorable, until you consider the fact that Intel’s dual-core setup costs similar and in some tasks could actually perform faster.

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