Windows 8.1 Start Button – A Huge Disappointment

Here’s a screen shot from an event held yesterday.


As you can see, the device is running on Microsoft Windows 8.1 that promises the return of the START button that we all got used to over the decade (and more).

Unfortunately, the Start button is a huge let down in my book.

You see, companies like StarDock introduced Start 8 (screenshot below) not long after the launch of Windows 8 and even as of today, my friends from the media seems to be singing praises for it.


Why? Because the START MENU is something we grew with through the years, we’ve even established our productivity workflow around it, after all that’s where the PIN TO START function comes in handy.

Unlike Stardock, Microsoft seems to have heard the complaints but it just puzzles me how they couldn’t get it right even with the Windows 8.1.

Check out’s first experience with the Start button.

It seems to me like Microsoft didn’t understand what people meant by “wanting the START BUTTON”, and neither did the fully functional Start8 from Stardock knock any bit of sense into them.

It’s as if Microsoft is just saying “oh you want a start button? Here it is …..” – and it brings you back to the tiled UI. This really defeats the purpose of having the Start button as people were asking for the Start button because they didn’t want to work with that UI to begin with.

What users want is just the good old desktop, with a start button that opens the start menu. Is it difficult? I guess it is.

Thank you for the effort Microsoft, perhaps you will have the menu in Windows 8.2?

I hope you do.

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