Has Cloud Technology Replaced Your Data / USB Cables?

I remember the days before Cloud technology became part of my life, the days where I feel helpless when there’s no USB cable to connect my phone to my computer to retrieve data. Those days are gone now but they’re not too distant in the past either.


Before and After Cloud

It was a hassle back then, how we had to browse through the phone’s file system to locate the images. As if that wasn’t tedious enough, you had to start all over again if the phone locked itself halfway through.

With the advancement of cloud technology, I don’t use the USB cable as often as before. Photos are immediately transferred my cloud storage account the moment my phone is on WiFi and the files from my computer are transferred and synchronized along the process as well.

Will Cloud Technology totally replace Data / USB Cables?

NO, not at all. The beauty of cable connection is that it doesn’t rely on the availability of Internet connection. đŸ™‚ Cable connection is also the best when it comes to transferring large files.

While Cloud Technology has replaced my data cables for many processes, I can’t deny that the cable is still the trusty old friend that I can always count on. The difference between then and now is that I don’t interact with him as much as I used to.

Besides using Cloud Technology for data transfer from my phone to PC and vice versa, I also use it for my business. Check out this article I wrote about 3 File Sharing Methods For Your Business – it’s amazing how Cloud technology can change the way you work.