HTC Malaysia Announces Local Blinkfeed Providers

The Blinkfeed was introduced to HTC’s range of phones not too long ago and is what the Blinkfeed looks like, it shows news and updates from various sources.


In the past, the Blinkfeed was the home screen for HTC’s devices (sing HTC’s Sense UI) by default with no options to disable it. Fortunately this now a thing of the past as HTC finally provided the option to disable it. 🙂 Prior to that, they allowed setting other screens for HOME screen but Blinkfeed was still lurking around.

Now off with the latest news as per the article title – HTC Malaysia announces that there will now be local blinkfeed providers, and they are …..


I think this is a great move, as users can now customize their feeds with the local content of their desire. 🙂

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