Viewsonic Launches Viewpad 7 & Viewpad 10

Viewsonic Launches Viewpad 7 & Viewpad 10

“Yet another tablet” was my thought when I received the invitation to the event. I thought it strange, since I’ve heard of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab way before it was launched and of course Apple’s iPad needs no introduction. Then there’s the CSL’s Droidpad that’s in the Malaysian market for quite a while now.

How does Viewpad fare?

Before we go about with the Viewpad, a little detail on the event.

The Event

The launch was held at Teeq Restaurant, rooftop of Lot 10 Shopping Centre here in KL.
Viewsonic Launches Viewpad 7 & Viewpad 10

A brief opening gambit here ………

then a speech by Mr. Alan Chang, Managing Director of Viewsonic EMEA & Asia Pacific Region.

Viewsonic Launches Viewpad 7 & Viewpad 10

This was followed by product presentation by Mr Kai Wang, Viewpad Product Manager

Viewsonic Launches Viewpad 7 & Viewpad 10

Yet Another Pad

Ever wondered why these tablet devices are called PADs? I don’t know, it seems like Apple started the naming convention and Samsung’s the only one not using it, which is a good thing since the Galaxy TAB obviously refers to being a TABlet device they are.

Viewsonic Launches Viewpad 7 & Viewpad 10

I must say that the words PAD and GIRL have in the past, refer to something else. 🙂 Nowadays it’s a high-tech device that’s basically an expensive photo frame with some functions on it. In fact the tablet device isn’t something new, it’s just that the trend never pick up until of late.

Here are the specs for the Viewpads

Viewpad 7 | Total Downloads : [download#17#hits]
Viewpad 10 | Total Downloads : [download#18#hits]

Here are some videos of these products for your viewing pleasure.

I’ve had brief experiences using the Apple’s Ipad and CSL’s Droidpad, and no experience with the Samsung Galaxy tab so I don’t think a comparison between them is fair.

As per what I’ve experienced that evening, I think that it’s a great alternative to Apple’s iPad that just arrived (officially) on Malaysian shores. Both the Viewpads are solidly build and I find the 10 being nicer than the 7. The Viewpad 10 retails at RM 1,999 while the 7 at RM 1,799.

The Viewpad 10 caught my attention for having an Intel Atom processor, 10″1 1024×600 capacitive type touch screen, 1GB DDR3, 16GB SSD and supports dual-OS (Android + Windows 7). Phone features are cool but in case I forget to bring any of my headphone and mic, I’ll look damn funny with a tablet device slapped on my face.

The Viewpad 7 and Viewpad 10 devices will be available in Malaysia around mid-December (this month).


6 thoughts on “Viewsonic Launches Viewpad 7 & Viewpad 10

  1. Cool pad. And I wonder what is the LCD panel it was using ?
    an IPS panel just like ipad ?
    is the price justify the pad compared with iPad ?
    I’m so concerned about those functions of these pads because i think its
    very convenient for college/uni students to bring their tab to lesson,
    instead of bring papers , writing notes on paper, they can write on their pad 😀

  2. i find that “value for money” goes to the Viewpad 10, so many advantages over the 7 just for RM 200 extra.

    How much is the official iPad in Malaysia? I know in Singapore you can get it for RM 1,799 or so with IPS screen as well!

    Regarding the screen, Viewpad 7 uses TFT WVGA (800×480) while Viewpad 10 uses W LED BL panel (1024×600). I have no idea what’s W LED BL. 😛 …………well, other than the LED part that is.

    Viewpad 7 does feel like an enlarged iPhone 4 (don’t kill me for saying that!!!). 🙂

  3. Why does all these tablets cost more than they should?The ipad’s only RM1599 and it has a good screen [16gb Wifi version].Usually Apple overprice their products but this time looks like it isn’t really the case .[RM2599 Galaxy Tab/RM1799 Viewpad 7]

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