Random Blogroll Plugin for WordPress


Yay! Here’s the first ever plug-in for WordPress blog-engine created by yours truly!

๐Ÿ™‚ It’s not the best plug-in in the world but it’s a great start! I hope you guys love what this plug-in can do.

The Random Blogroll Plug-in chooses a fixed number of links from your blogroll at random and displays them.

Look at the 3rd column (the right most column) on this page, the Random Blogroll plug-in is placed just above the RSS link section. I’ve set my plugin to show only 5 links. Here’s my complete blogroll. See how it chooses only 5 out of the entire list on each page load? Yeah, that’s what it does.


Here’s how you do it –

Step 1 – Upload the file goldfries_randomblogroll.php to your plugins directory. (the location is usually at : installation_directory/wp-content/plugins/ )

Step 2 – Enable the plugin. Click PLUGINS and ACTIVATE Random Blogroll.


Using It On Your Blog – Widget

Here’s how you do it. Just click PRESENTATION, and click WIDGET.

If your theme is Widget-Aware, then you should have no problem dragging Random Blogroll widget into the Sidebar column as shown in the illustration below.


Using It On Your Blog – Non-Widget (manual coding)

For those who are familiar with coding, all you need to do is edit your sidebar.php or whichever file you wish to place the Random Blogroll by placing the following code

<?php goldfries_randomblogroll(); ?>

Options For This Plugin

Just click OPTIONS, and click RANDOM BLOGROLL. You’ll see a host of options on that page.


Should you so happen to key a number that’s greater than your total number of blogroll links, the plug-in will automatically adjust to display whatever it is that you have.

You could also set Title for the Random Blogroll (like “people I love” or “sites you must visit“) and even mark-up the title with tags like <H2> for example.

Lastly, do remember to contact me or leave a comment here if you have problem using it or if it’s giving you problems.