Nuffnang vs Advertlets – Part 3

Nuffnang vs Advertlets

With Part 1 and Part 2 in place, we’re now at the 3rd of the series.

This might be the most INTERESTING to most of you out there – MONETIZATION!

Anyway, here’s what I’m covering in this article ……

  • Monetization
  • Other Monetization Possibilities
  • Monetization Report
  • Timely Payment

Comparison #5 : Monetization


Nuffnang is very selective with the placement of ad campaigns. Even with hundreds of visitors daily and thousands of impressions from my site, I’m not getting any campaign. When I say CAMPAIGN, I’m referring to those specific ads that run at your site for a week or 2 and you earn by impression, not the random CPC ads that appear on the ad panel.

I’ve come by desperate people complaining they’re not getting any campaigns, usually they’re beginner bloggers who don’t understand the fundamentals of how earnings come. πŸ™‚ Anyway, I’ll spare that for another day’s lecture to bloggers.


I for one, am quite puzzled at how Advertlets actually work. I notice that I do earn when people click, and in fact I’m still earning when no one clicks at all.

Nuffnang vs Advertlets

Yup, Advertlets seem to be giving $$$ for every impression made. Usually I could make around RM 1 to RM 3 per day. My record was like RM 15 – 20 but it’s been a long time since I had such great earning. πŸ™

Summary for Comparison #5 : Monetization

If you’re a person who likes to see $$$ coming right away, Advertlets is the one for you. πŸ™‚ Really, I’m not kidding about that one but if you’re thinking “Oh swell! I’m going Advertlets right now!” just because of Comparison #5 alone, I’d say probably one of those who are just too damn desperate to earn from your site.

Comparison #6 : Other Monetization Possibilities

Besides placing the ad units on your site, what else can you do?


While I don’t recall Nuffnang having any other form for you to earn, I do know that you can set your ads preference Default CPC, Charity ads, Global CPC ads or even just set it to minimize. Basically it just tells the system what do you want to display on your site if there are no on-going campaign.

Usually you’ll only earn from these if someone clicks on it. On the other hand, they do organize quite a lot of contests. πŸ™‚


Even since the first day I joined Advertlets, they’ve offered sponsored posts and even now they still do. Such opportunities are always announced at their site like this.

Advertlets organizes contests too.

Summary for Comparison #6 : Other Monetization Possibilities

So Nuffnang offers flexibility of ad settings that Advertlets doesn’t, while Advertlets offers sponsored posts where I don’t recall Nuffnang offering, at least not for the past many months.

Both also organize contest but I have no record on who organizes contests more frequently. Anyway, I will cover the community part in the final installment of the series.

Comparison #7 : Monetization Report

This is pretty similar to what I mentioned in Part 2 in Comparison #4 : Ad Statistics.


I like Nuffnang’s reporting a lot. It keeps EVERY SINGLE BIT of detail of whatever ad campaigns that appeared on my site that had earnings.
Nuffnang vs Advertlets
Unlike the Ad Statistics that I mentioned in Part 2, the monetization record a.k.a. what-I-earned-so-far record covers all the way back even to when I first started using Nuffnang, and that was in June 2007! So we’re talking about a record that’s more than a year ago!


Lousy, lousy, LOUSY! That’s all I can say.
Nuffnang vs Advertlets
I kid you not. I only know the # of impression but I will never know the details as seen from Nuffnang’s report. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the summary shows only up to almost a month’s worth of record.

Summary for Comparison #7 : Monetization Report

I said it once, I’m going to say it again – ItÒ€ℒs evident whoÒ€ℒs the winner here, Advertlets pales in comparison to Nuffnang. WeÒ€ℒre looking at one that provided details that could be said to rival or even surpass GoogleÒ€ℒs Adsense stats while the other couldnÒ€ℒt even provide decent statistic.

Comparison #8 : Timely Payment


Nuffnang’s payment for cash-outs have so far been satisfactory. While I’ve not done any cash-out from Nuffnang, I have plenty of contact who have cash-out and have not heard any complaints so far.


Advertlets has been notorious for late payments. I am one of them who had such bad experience.

I’ve cash-out from Advertlets twice so far. The first one was for a sum of nearly RM 600. I requested to cash-out end of December 2007 and only got the cheque like some where early March 2008. That’s about 10 weeks wait and it wasn’t the longest I waited for a cash-out.

I managed to reach cash-out figure again not long after, so I requested for another cash-out around 2nd week of February. The cheque never came, status remains as “processed” as stated on their system. After I made it known to them about my not receiving of payment for 4 months (yes, that’s more than 1/4 of a year), the cheque was immediately sent to me and I got an E-mail from them saying “Thanks for the reminder”!

If you think this was a made-up story, have a look at the images below. I made it known to them of my delayed payment by cheekily posting on their blog. :mrgreen:

Nuffnang vs Advertlets

Shortly after that, this was the response I got from them.

Nuffnang vs Advertlets

I was totally appalled by the response. The cheque did came in the end but it wasn’t going to make them look any better.

Summary for Comparison #8 : Timely Payment

Nuffnang wins, hands down. It’s just something encounted by too many people that made it impossible to call it random mistakes. Advertlets need to up the ante on their payment schedule. I’m sure people are alright with a little delay but 4 months passed and needing a reminder is totally absurd.

Does it seem like this article was made just to bash Advertlets? I’m not surprised if it seems so, there’s nothing I can do when one doesn’t keep up with the competition. πŸ™

Coming Up Next

1 more article to go and the final article will be covering not just the community aspect of these providers but also their general conduct and development.

Don’t forget, this blog is NOT moderated by Nuffnang nor Advertlets, so speak it out!

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Nuffnang vs Advertlets

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29 thoughts on “Nuffnang vs Advertlets – Part 3

  1. one possibility why advertlets was late for payment is because they were trying to keep their cash flow by paying slowly to their users?

    payment every three months when they have a cash out function makes it kinda redundant. they might as well give you whatever they owe you every three months then?

  2. I’ll give you a tip on how to optimize your chances to be chosen by advertisers for their campaigns.

    ‘Put Your Ad Units At The Right Place’

    Advertisers practically spent a lot of money designing their ads and buying ads space so that their target market/audience could see the ads and get their message. That being said, do you think advertisers would advertise on a poorly placed ad unit compared to an optimized one? You could refer to your Leaderboard ad unit for example.

    Keep your ad space optimized, and advertisers would tend to advertise more in your blog as long as your blog readers match their target market/audience. Vice versa, you might be deprived of any for a long long time as no advertiser would want to waste their budget in a poor placement while there are plenty of other blogs with perfect placements.

    Get my drift?

  3. @kyLL – it is possible but it was not stated on their site. It stated something else. πŸ™‚

    @Chong – I don’t know, last I check they didn’t.

    @Robb – πŸ˜€ Just for the record, I’m not the type of person who would slap on a huge leaderboard on top just in hope to get an ad campaign. I can’t be bothered to place a huge ugly banner on top of my site and just waiting to get a campaign.

    Perfect ad placement for Advertisers does not equate to Perfect ad placement for my site AND Perfect ad placement for Advertisers does not equate to Perfect ad placement for readers.

    So from my POV – It’s my site, it’s my readers. I will put it the way I deem fit, that it does not affect the site design and also does not become and annoyance or obstruction to my readers. *I personally don’t like huge leaderboards placed right on top, nor ad spots slapped within an article*

    But one thing’s for sure, I thank you for taking your time to post. I’m sure others would understand better why they don’t get ad campaigns.

    On the side note – Actually many fail to see that the leaderboard ad I placed at the bottom, is a GUARANTEED visible ad space as long as a person is giving a comment or reading a comment.

    In fact, if they’re typing a comment (eg, a longer one like yours) they would actually spend much more time seeing the ad rather than those on top of the leaderboard where most people would learn to ignore.

    I hope now you understand why I placed it down there. πŸ™‚ It was placement out of knowledge but defying the norm / recommendation.

  4. We don’t give out sponsored posts to everyone per se but we do give out oodles of contests ;). BTW just checking dude your name and email are in the Adv ss ah.

  5. Yes you’re right. it’s your blog and you have the direct say on how you should place your ad units. All I’m trying to say that where you put your banners will strongly affect your chances to be selected for campaigns.

    In addition, it’s not wrong to put the Leaderboard ad unit at the bottom of the page as you justify that your commentators would notice it. But in an average, how many people do comment from your daily visits? The percentage is small and that literally means not all your unique visitors will see the ad. By having a Leaderboard at the top of your page literally guarantees that every single visitor that come to your site will be able to see the ads and will maximize the return to the advertisers, which they favor of course.

    The logic behind advertisers’ decision would be, why would I want to place my ads at the bottom of your blog, when I can do have it at the top of another blog as there are many more blogs with perfect placements? That’s the simple logic.

    Irregardless, you’re still correct. The decision lies with the bloggers on how they want to maintain their blog’s layout in balance with the chances to receive advertisements from advertisers.

  6. Totally agree with you Robb. πŸ™‚ There’s no denying that leaderboards on top surely get more, if not ALL the viewers and yes, it really does affect the chances of getting campaigns (like from NN). In fact, there are also ad agencies where their requirement is that the ad MUST be on the upper fold and by not doing so would breach the agreement.

    It works just like on printed materials. It goes based on eye movement. Placement on top is worth more than middle and bottom. Placement on left is worth more than right.

    Frontpage ad of a newspaper cost a premium compared to those in the middle or a particular secluded section too.

    For me, it’s a matter of whether I want to sacrifice my blog layout. πŸ˜€ For my case, it is only viewable when person reads or post comments. Personally, I hate having leaderboard on headers – 468×60 I’m still ok but not leaderboard. πŸ˜› I find that it becomes intrusive / distracting……. which so happens is the purpose of a leaderboard. πŸ™‚

  7. Actually I’m thinking of changing nuffnang to advertlets as I don’t really have campaigns for the past two months. Guess that I need to wait for your last article on this!

  8. well said..but like Tim Teoh said, sponsored posts are just for bloggers selected by the,’s not an option for us bloggers but it’s an opportunity, if given one..

    contest, i guess NN has a lot of it but i didn’t really join those contests though..clashed schedules..

    and Adv, umm..the reminder part was already bad..and i heard they can simply accuse you for click fraud?

  9. Sticking to NN is the correct choice. I have enough pain with A. πŸ™

    Ads placement is important. It may make your layout looks bad (full of Ads like ). But it really bring a lot of income if you place it at the correct place. Play around with the Ads placement (important to AdSense) to know which place bring income to you. πŸ˜€

  10. i still remember when i change my blog’s domain, most of my readers from search engine gone, so my blog traffic go very low…
    After that, i dont getting any campaign from Nuffnang anymore, before that used to have about 1 or 2 in a month, and each time can earn about RM15 per week.
    Haiz… Need to build up my traffic slowly again and gain more visitors in order to get back more campaign.
    But currently still quite satisfied what i get based on CPC with Nuffnang! Maybe i blog not to earn, so earning will not effect me too much, sometimes i put ads on my blog just for fun and it may be one more informative things to my readers!

  11. I just reach RM100 at advertlets, probably will shift to nuffnang and monitor the earning there, and at the same time send an email to advertlets, inform that if the payment is slow, I will fully change to nuffnang…

  12. erm tq for the explanations.. its really help me as a new blogger. right now im still find de best ads to my blog. really want that g adsense unfortunaely my website in malay languange bcoz the product just focus locally.

    first expression for me, more prefer to use nuffnang than adverlerts. but after several days add from nuffnang really slow to load rather than adverlerts..its pretty awesome..
    right now im still using nuffnang and also adverlerts..but i think i more focus to adverlerts.. what can i say, even adverlets was terrible for our payment. but it not like nuffnang that alwayz ‘blank’ my blog. becoz its still not finish loading. so its just make my blog have problem when loading..

    really hope adverlerts can improve their payment to customers..

    tq fo yo sharing.

  13. NN is blank when no campaign or no ads are there for your site. nothing wrong with it.

    yes. NN sometimes can be slow but not quite often, at least not to me la.

  14. Some update here. Nuffnang Malaysia doesn’t go by campaign now, it has a new system call Buffered Campaign which everyone will have a chance to get some of the ads earning. It’s like getting the ads money from a pool of campaigns running. Of course how much one can earn from each of the campaign still very much depends on the viewership.

    By the way, I’ve notice nowadays there’s more Advertorial from Nuffnang even for small time blogger like me.

  15. And where’s the source of this update? I don’t recall them announcing that they don’t go by campaign anymore.

    Have a look at their FAQ –

    As you can see, the Buffered Earnings (I suppose you meant that when you said Buffered Campaign) is just 1 of the 3 ad types that are available. Notice that it’s called MCPM Campaign while the other 2 are called CPM Campaign and CPC Campaign.

  16. hmm, i will say that one can only trust the source for information which is from Nuffnang itself rather than anyone, right? There are a lot of bloggers out there who claim to know how Nuffnang works, but never have one got it all right as they made assumptions based on their logic but not necessary is the truth.

    So, just a gentle reminder to everyone, do not trust any information from any sources, except from Nuffnang itself. πŸ˜‰

    P.S. Goldfries’ reply is right, btw. <— authenticated by Robb Chew from Nuffnang

  17. Hi! I just joined Nuffnang not long ago, and I found your page through Google search… Nice article, but perhaps you care to give a refresh? I’m interested to know how Nuffnang is working for you so far, and if anything’s changed since 2008, thank!

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