Nuffnang vs Advertlets – Part 2

Nuffnang vs Advertlets

In Part 1 of the series, I covered only the blog adding blog as the introduction to the series itself was already pretty lengthy.

For Part 2, I’ll be covering

  • Ad Dimension Variety
  • Calling The Ad
  • Ad Statistics

I won’t be covering the site interface though, simply because I think both are equally user friendly and preference towards the interface is really subjective.

Let’s have a look at the comparisons…..

Comparison #2 : Ad Dimension Variety


Nuffnang has only 3 (160×300, 728×90, 336×280). The lack of 468×60 is a disappointment to me, especially since it is probably the most common ad size and also one that fits practically anywhere!


Advertlets has 7. 5 (165×240, 468×60, , 728×90, 336×280, 180×150) of which are the types that come without POLL.

Summary for Comparison #2 : Ad Dimension Variety

Advertlets has the upper hand when it comes to variety, having variety meant that you have more choice on getting ad types that FIT your blog design. For example, you can see that I have areas for 468×60 ads but it’s just too bad Nuffnang doesn’t have an ad size of that type for me to use. 🙁

I’m not into comparing the polling part but if you need to know, Nuffnang has a MUCH better POLLING system for you to use if ever you need to poll for something. 🙂

Comparison #3 : Calling The Ad

Both companies use external javascript to load the ads, let’s see how their codes look like.


Here’s what Nuffnang’s link to the external javascript look like.
Nuffnang vs Advertlets

I like it, only the javascript’s name indicates the ad type. Every other thing else is in gibberish so your privacy is ensured. Wait till you see how Advertlets’ does it….


Here’s what Advertlets’ link to the external javascript look like.
Nuffnang vs Advertlets

Not that people really care though but I just didn’t like that my username is revealed just like that.

Summary for Comparison #3 : Calling The Ad

There’s a reason why even Google doesn’t reveal your username, Nuffnang doesn’t either. So why does Advertlets do it this way? I certainly think that it’s NEVER a good thing to reveal your users’ username. While security is a concern, it’s more about the matter of respecting the users. Nuffnang is clearly the better one here.

Comparison #4 : Ad Statistics

After placing the ad on your site, I’m sure you would like to know the statistics. Right?


Nuffnang provides all users with a beautifully done statistic display, and it’s not just beautiful but it also works well too! It gives an hour-to-hour information on how many unique visitors you have and how many impressions were made. 🙂

Nuffnang vs Advertlets

The hour-to-hour details is only for the current day stats thought but I do appreciate that they kept the weekly details around. It certainly is useful. It even tells you which of your ad is more successful with by rating it based on click-through rates.


It’s disappointing, after so long and all I the stats I could have was – NOTHING!
Nuffnang vs Advertlets

OK fine, if I make my way to view my earnings, the most I could know is the # of impressions. Nothing useful in particular.
Nuffnang vs Advertlets

Summary for Comparison #4 : Ad Statistics

It’s evident who’s the winner here, Advertlets pales in comparison to Nuffnang. We’re looking at one that provided details that could be said to rival or even surpass Google’s Adsense stats while the other couldn’t even provide decent statistic.

Coming Up Next

There should be at least 2 more articles coming up, with topics such as community, monetization and even how is the company being run!

As for now, I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Do share your thoughts on the matter I’ve highlighted, I’m sure both Nuffnang and Advertlets (whether you support or are against them) will both appreciate your feedback and improve. If you haven’t read the earlier article, please remember to do so!

Don’t forget, this blog is NOT moderated by Nuffnang nor Advertlets, so speak it out!

Let’s not forget that by posting comments, you stand a chance to be a winner in the contest!

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Nuffnang vs Advertlets

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  1. well..i can’t comment much of the javascripts and all coz I’m not an IT guy..but i had the same experience as you did..advertlets didn’t show my blog analytics..tha’s not a good thing at all..

    and whenever i’m sitting in front of the PC, i’ll open my NN account and check on my analytics almost every hour..i like it real-time..

    and you’ve got quite some decent traffics too! LOL

  2. Just some notes 😛
    Ad size: We base ad size on the most popular formats from our advertisers. We transitioned from 160×200 to 160×300 for the SS unit based on their feedback for example. So far these are the sizes that advertisers ask for ( at least the ones in SEA) – it’s much easier for their creative side to prepare ad units based on standard sizes.

    Survey: we know it can be a bit long and we have actually been looking at it, problem is that we took the time to produce detailed country breakdowns, the poll unit, etc; but obviously we can’t simply change the survey questions just like that. Rest assured most of the questions do contribute towards blog targeting though.

  3. Author

    @yatz – yup, the analytics is important IMO. like in Google Adsense, we get to know which ad we placed had been clicked and what’s their CTR.

    @tim – great to have you here! and I truly appreciate your explanation. Anyway it’s just a wishlist for more ad types, actually the 468×60 is not just a standard ad dimension but it’s frequently used as well, as seen in G. Adsense, Adbrite and many others.

    I think the usage of NN would be even greater should there be more ad dimensions. And I’m sure you guys would be having 468×60 ad types in the near future. 😀

    Thanks for the mentioning of the Survey part too. *that part i don’t use la. so i no good at comparing it. hehe*

  4. nice writeup.. i guess a good analytics tool can help bloggers tailor their posts and see what works and what doesnt.

    nice one nuffnang. (;

  5. Author

    IMO the lack of statistical information is not helpful.

    As monetization is concern, we need to know whether our ad placement is effective and how to improve.

    This is where NN shines. Adverlets, well it sucks really. You could have 4 sites using the ad but the “daily earnings” section will only show your MAIN blog address so you would have no idea where to all the $$$ come from thus not knowing what to tweak.

  6. i think last time i do see advertlets got statistic but i think is only from which country, not useful at all, but nuffnang provided also refferal link,keywords and also many more so that i can ever track where my readers from without any analysis tools!
    And i think Nuffnang give more details statistic from readers to earning also!
    Earning they listed out which company and band but i think the new layout showing buffered earning is a bit confusing and not very like it!
    And ya, im actually asking for the468×60 ads from nuffnang long time ago, and at one time they say maybe will have in the new nuffnang but now ady new, but still dont have…
    i think they should work for it lah!

    personally i think Nuffnang have a better network and more activity to connect all bloggers together like pajamas party and wild life party and the coming one in sabah or sarawak (not too sure… 4get ady)
    And quite interesting event and gifts are also… hmm… interesting!
    But advertlets i see their events are only for limited bloggers and at many time, i see the same face around only… too bad!
    I think Nuffnang is more active lah! But now i dunno cos i stop advertlets ady, so maybe need to hear from those who use advertlets!


  7. Author

    Yes, has 2 more articles coming on NN vs ADV and the community part will be covered too!

  8. interesting topis! i’m also need the 468×60 ads type!

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