Launch of Intel Core i7 Processor

Launch of Intel Core i7 Processor

The long wait has finally come to an end, the Nehalem processor is released and the kind folks from Intel Malaysia were kind enough to invite us to the launch event, held on 20th November 2008.

An interesting choice of venue I must say, holding the event in a car showroom certainly helps in visualizing the power of the Core i7 processor. And it’s not your Perodua or Proton showroom, this is a BMW Showroom at Sapura Auto Sdn Bhd!

Launch of Intel Core i7 Processor
Launch of Intel Core i7 Processor

The Venue

The event began with a short welcome remark the lovely Emcee who happens to remind me of Geena Davis, and also Encik Mohar Ibrahim who is the CEO of Sapura Auto Sdn. Bhd.

The session was then handed for Mr Ryaz Patel, Country Manager of Intel Malaysia. Ryaz touched of various topics such as a brief detail on Intel, how it has progressed and what is the current and upcoming progress to be seen from Intel.

After addressing all the key points, Channel Platform Manager of Intel Malaysia – Mr Tan Guan Boon, was ushered to showcase the Intel Core i7 with some live benchmarking and overclocking as well.

Launch of Intel Core i7 Processor

(From left to right) – Encik Mohar Ibrahim, Mr. Ryaz Patel & Mr. Tan Guan Boon

In the overclocking showcase, Mr. Tan was assisted by our local overclocking heroes sup3rfly and coolice from .

Here’s the setup for overclocking capability. The unit was cooled by using liquid nitrogen. Think TERMINATOR 2! 🙂

Launch of Intel Core i7 Processor

Then there was also a short testimonial session from our local rock band – Naked Breed. (Does it sound sexy?)

Launch of Intel Core i7 Processor

Naked Breed and the Emcee (No, I don’t know her name. Neither do I know her. Please don’t bug me for details!)

The session ended with handing of plaque as a token of appreciation to the partners.

Launch of Intel Core i7 Processor

For the media, we were granted an extra (a short one too!) Q&A session with Mr. Tan and Mr. Patel.

Launch of Intel Core i7 Processor
Launch of Intel Core i7 Processor
Launch of Intel Core i7 Processor

While we were having our Q&A session, here’s what the rest were doing ……

Launch of Intel Core i7 Processor
Launch of Intel Core i7 Processor

And lastly, there was a LUCKY DRAW but I wasn’t the lucky one that day………. as usual.

Launch of Intel Core i7 Processor

So, fancy getting this new processor? 🙂

Launch of Intel Core i7 Processor

My Thought of the Intel Core i7

It’s new, it’s powerful. It runs on X58 motherboard, it uses DDR3, it has QPI, it supports both nVidia’s SLI and ATi’s Crossfire – great isn’t it?

Personally, I don’t think it’s something you should rush to purchase unless you have really deep pockets and just have the urge to own the latest piece of technology that’ll no doubt drop in price in a couple of months.

Let’s have a look, – from what I gathered, the cheapest X58 motherboard is around RM 1,200. A 1066Mhz 4GB Kit DDR3 RAM costs around RM 700 and could go more than RM 1,000 for those with higher speed. So that’s more than enough money there to get you a very capable gaming setup.

Launch of Intel Core i7 Processor

According to Intel, the i7-965 (3.20Ghz) is around $999 USD. The i7-940 (2.93Ghz) at $562 USD and the i7-920 (2.66Ghz) at $284 USD. Let’s assuming the exchange rate is at 3.6, so we’re looking at RM 1022 for the 920 and RM 3,600 for the i7-965. Given a choice, I personally would settle for an i7-920 and hunt for good motherboard + DDR3 combo, if any. 🙂

And what good is a Core i7 setup if we do not utilize it’s awesome processing power and multiple graphic card ability. So assuming one is to run multiple graphic card, it wouldn’t make sense to run multiple mid-range cards like 9800GTX+ or HD4850, wouldn’t it? And to have multiple graphic cards of the higher range could set a person back at least RM 2,000.

Good stuff? A resounding YES!

The price? As you can see, the cost involved to setup a decent Core i7-based PC could actually be used to settle the down-payment for a car and have enough to pay for at least 1 year of installment. 🙂

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  1. Nice article and nice processor. 🙂

    i7 is a good bargain (cheaper than QX and perform better) but getting a full set (x58, ddr3, high-end gc) will put a hole in one’s pocket. Better wait for the price to drop. It’s not like this proc can give you 20~30 extra fps in crysis.

    Looking forward for PhenomII to compete with Intel in term of value/performance. 😀

  2. actually…. falcon northwest has already built a pc using the i7 and managed to get 60fps for crysis… article’s over at gizmodo,

    The PC’s Specs.
    • 3.79GHz Intel Core i7 965 Extreme Edition.
    • An Intel X58 chipset.
    • 12GB of 1,066MHz DDR3 SDRAM.
    • 2 x 1GB ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2
    • 1TB 7,200RPM Hitachi hard drive.
    • 80GB Intel X-25M solid-state drive.

    Price? USD8028. haha..


  3. Intel is getting really fierce to eliminate AMD!

    AMD has to quicken its pace to compete with the giant Intel. I do not like Intel because recently they were sued because of offering special prices to dealers if they promote Intel and keep AMD in the shelves. That shows that how willing are they to use dirty tactics to monopolize the market.

    Sorry, Intel fans.

  4. LGA775 would not be a dead end, at least until Q3 2009…
    Nehalem on an x58 mobo is way too expensive to build…
    before Lynnfield is out, LGA775 would not be eliminated.

  5. I’m with Apam I never by anything new until it’s not so new anymore, that way I can find out if it really works good or not and let other people work out the bugs for me.

  6. great, i’m still using core 2 duo. i just hope that q6600 will not be phased out soon cos it’s the only quad cpu my mb(p965) can support

  7. Author

    @apam – good bargain ah? now? Not likely, unless you can find some good packaged deals for mobo + RAM. I saw one before but it was out of stock shortly.

    @kyll – why your smiley upside down leh? anyway, USD 8k = nearly 1 Proton Saga.

    @WKY – LGA775 is far from being dead. It’s the mainstream range and surely Intel’s not gonna kill it off just like that. in fact the LGA775 processors like E8400 and below are more than enough for the general public.

    @Xcen – the cycle continues. 🙂 Let’s see if AMD comes up with a miracle.

    @iostream – I think there certainly will be more LGA775 processors, the only time it’ll be dead is when the price gap between it and i7 processors have nearly closed.

    @??? – I prefer to get the mid/low ranges 😛 they’re almost always best value more $$$.

    @Terance – Core2Duo series is still powerful. Even the E8600 still costs a bomb. Seriously, just get yourself a used P35 or P45 chipset board la. 🙂

  8. 920+X58+DDR3 is still cheaper than QX9770+P45+DDR2. Same performance. 🙂

  9. Author

    on the high-range – YES! And that’s not even X48 board there yet.

    which is why i personally think the i7-920 is worth getting.

  10. This looks awsome!!!

    Cant wait for it to become more mainstream!

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