Introducing the Intel Studybook + First Impression

Introducing the Intel Studybook + First Impression

I was quite surprised to hear about the introduction of Intel based tablet, what intrigued me further was the purpose of the tablet – for educational purpose.

Intel Studybook is a tablet that is part of their Intel Learning Series family, with unique classroom ready features, including a rugged design and specialized educational software. The device was purpose-built for 1:1 e-learning.

Constructed from a single piece of plastic, it has shock-absorbers around the screen and designed to withstand accidental drops from a student desk, and also water / dust resistant.

The key features are
– Theft Deterrent
– Classroom Management
– Access Management (set and monitor student access)
– Painting / Drawing
– Note Taker
– eReader
– Webcam Companion (touch optimized camera app for mathematics and science)

Specification (Key Details)
– Intel Atom Z650 processor
– 1GB DDR2
– 4GB – 32GB SSD
– 7″ 1024×600 (16:9) capacitive touch-screen
– Windows 7 / Android
– Front / Rear camera
– 1 USB, 1 Micro-SD, 3G card slot, mic + audio, mini-HDMI, SIM-card slot.
– WiFi / 3G / Bluetooth
– up to 5.5 hours battery life
– 207x135x16.5mm @ 525g
– 70cm drop, water and dust resistant
* The above details may vary, depending on the configuration the OEM decides to market.

The Device

Here’s the tablet. This is a reference design.

Introducing the Intel Studybook + First Impression

Here’s a size comparison between the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the Studybook.

Introducing the Intel Studybook + First Impression

USB and power connector covered by a rubber seal.

Introducing the Intel Studybook + First Impression

Power button, card slots, HDMI output and audio output are covered by rubber seal as well.

Introducing the Intel Studybook + First Impression


Here’s more – the video!!

My Thoughts

I know some of your thoughts are how the screen are, and how the size of it, and why is it not on Android Ice Cream Sandwich and all…….. let’s keep in mind, this device was made for educational purpose.

The build was so solid, the first thing that comes to mind was the kitchen. Great for breaking tough items, on the other hand you could think of it as a self-defense weapon as well.

The device is expected to retail at USD 250 – 300 range. Some of you will probably be comparing it with other Android tablet offerings out there. My take is that they’re build with different consumers in mind. With Intel’s unit, you can coordinate classroom sessions better as the software is already there for the device.

Personally I think it’s a good initiative that Intel introduces such a device to kids. Those of you who are used to retina display or anything of a sharp output, you won’t get used to the LCD 😛 but this is not the case for kids. They just need a device to use ……… unless those kids are pampered with retina display.

Introducing the Intel Studybook + First Impression

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