Google Analytics – Know Your Site

Google Analytics - Know Your Site

Among the many things that one could embed on their website(s), I personally think that Google Analytics is one that no webmaster or site owner should ignore.

What Is Google Analytics?

I’ll let Google Analytics do their own introduction. 🙂

In my own words, I would summarize Google Analytics as a system created by Google (obviously!) to help you in monitoring your website, in many ways that you never thought you could. Google Analytics - Know Your Site

Unlike stuff like visitor counters that only tell you how many people visit your site today, or yesterday, or within the week, Google Analytics provides MUCH more comprehensive information such as where are your visitors from, how long do they stay on your site, the page that most people visit, how do people reach your site, what keywords did they use…….. the list goes on.

Sometimes It’s Not Enough

For those of you who have a website hosted on your own hosting plan, I’m sure your host provider also provided you with statistics tool, like AwStats for example.

While I think they’re quite good but they report things differently, for example your unique visitors could be reported to be somewhat higher as such statistics program also take note of non-human visitors.

I do believe that AwStats and other tracking system has their merits, I personally found that Google Analytics is still the best when it comes to knowing your site.

Know Your Site

What does it mean to know your site? You’re the creator of your site, don’t you know your site already? Yes, you do know your site BUT only as what you created but what else do you know know about your site?

Google Analytics - Know Your Site With Google Analytics, you’ll know your site in more detail as you are now able to see how does the Internet see your site. You’ll see visitor behavior. You’ll see visitor sources. You’ll see the many thing else you never thought you’ll see.

So am I promoting Google Analytics? Yes, BUT not for Google but for YOU (owners of websites). Why? Because if you have not known your site in further detail, you wouldn’t know what you did right, what you did not do and what you need to do to improve.

The Hidden Advantage

I personally think that Google Analytics is helpful in getting your page to be part of search results. With so many details collected by Google Analytics, I’m sure these data stored on their server would be used in Google’s amazingly complex search algorithm. 🙂

Since every little bit helps, why don’t you give it a shot?

Use It

Yes, give it a try – use it on your site, and feel free to come back here to share your experience.

What about those of you who used Google Analytics? What are your thoughts of Google Analytics?

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