Garmin-Asus Launch

Garmin-Asus Launch

The Garmin-Asus launch was held at The Curve just yesterday, introducing also the nüvifone G60 and M20 Navigation Phone. Did I say the launch was at The Curve? Well, sort of.

You see, I thought it was really to be held at the hotel. Perhaps a room some where that they didn’t tell us, but I was in for a surprise that the event was to be held on a COACH (ok, some of you prefer to call them BUS) – I thought it was a fantastic idea, the best way to show how the GPS on the phone works. 🙂

Garmin-Asus Launch

Ok, so my place wasn’t all that good. Quite far from the TV it seems. Here’s my ticket for that short ride to Midvalley area and back to The Curve.

Garmin-Asus Launch

Ms Fei Yen [Business Development Manager, Southeast Asia Sales Dept.] gave a short speech before the coach went full-throttle.

Garmin-Asus Launch

This was followed by Mr Li Huai Pin [Specialist-Channel Management], showing us how the phone works as we make our cross-town journey. The visuals were on the TV, although it’s far from doing any good but I did manage to catch a glimpse of how it works.

Garmin-Asus Launch

After that, some testimonials from Mr Pietro Felix [Celebrity DJ] and Mr Bernard Hiew [TV Host] on the nüvifone – I have no idea la what model they using, bus so loud how to hear in detail? Can la a bit a bit here and there but tarak dapat.

Garmin-Asus Launch

Garmin-Asus Launch

The final speech was by Mr Darren Mah [General Manager, PhoneStar Communication] – again, sorry la I can’t hear what it was about. Seated so far back, refer to my 1st pic please!

Garmin-Asus Launch

I’m not kidding you guys, those other pics are taken with a 200mm lens and set to the fastest settings available and with image stabilization – taking photos on a bus was really challenging. 🙂

Garmin-Asus Launch

My Thoughts

Bus ride to showcase the product’s functionality and features was an absolutely amazing idea and to serve food while halfway through our journey made it even more interesting. 🙂

As for the devices, I had given both a try and they’re nice – I like the M20 for the compact nature but the G60 seems to be more appealing for it’s bigger size, hence bigger screen.

Garmin-Asus Launch

The M20 runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional while the G60 is on a closed-platform Linux. The G60 felt more responsive but seems to be lighter when it comes to availability of applications.

Regardless, they both look interesting and I can’t wait to have a unit to take it for a spin – literally…… ok well more like going across town. 🙂 I think that’ll be a good time to really try it out on unfamiliar towns across Malaysia.

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  1. I was sitting quite near during the morning session. Third row I think. Pietro wasn’t there, it was some college chick. Bernard was using the G60 while the college chick was using the M20. So it’s safe to say that on your trip, Bernard used the G60 as well while Pietro used the M20.

    Phonestar boss was there just to say “We are the sole distributor for garmin ASUS nuvifone, don’t get it from anywhere else…bla bla bla”

    Anyway, I’ve been using the G60 for nearly a month now and I’m in love with it. Thinking of buying it and sell my Garmin nuvi 200w away.

    Typing messages in portrait mode on the G60 is just crazy. Instead of alpha numeric, it’s in alphabetical, just like their nuvi GPS devices. EPIC FAIL #1

    You think that with the big 3.55 inch that your videos will be superb? Nope. It doesn’t play videos. EPIC FAIL #2.

    Despite that, I’m still gonna get it. 🙂

  2. GARMIN! Wow! I tot u going to thailand…. LOL
    how much is the phone priced at?

  3. Author

    @justin – yeah they placed me different session from you guys. so boring.

    @joshua – i’ll get back to you on that. 😀

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