Gamefest at Multimedia University

Gamefest at Multimedia University

My friend invited me to the Gamefest at Multimedia University so I decided to check it out and see what it’s all about.

About GameFest

Not exactly the best written work on an event description but I’ll summarize it from the points given at their site.

The objectives for this event include the following:

1. To enlighten and entice MMU students about game development.
2. To unearth and polish the talent in game development among the students in Malaysia.
3. To tighten the relationship between universities in Malaysia.
4. To develop interest of students towards game development and to encourage them to be involved in development activities.
5. To promote the upcoming and modern trend of board and card games.
6. To cultivate more talents in cyber gaming, board and card games, and games development.
7. To introduce more excitement to the hectic study environment in MMU.
8. To expose MMU GDC to the gaming industry, MMU community and outsiders.

The Event

Summary : A university hall made into a gaming arena.

The biggest area are occupied by games for First Person Shooter.
Gamefest at Multimedia University

Gamefest at Multimedia University

Gamefest at Multimedia University

My Thoughts

I’m always happy to see the younger generation work together to organize an event. 🙂 It’s a good spirit!

I didn’t hang around long enough so I couldn’t comment that much but you can pretty much guess how it’s like from the video. A little messy perhaps? I don’t know.

The video was taken on Sunday afternoon. I’d imagine Saturday being more packed. 😀

Anyway great effort guys and gals!

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  1. that’s nearly the end of gamefest adi. lol.

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