Courts Megastore Mutiara Damansara Press-Preview

courts megastore

I was recently invited to attend the press-conference / press-preview of Courts Megastore at Mutiara Damansara.

I’m not a fan of huge retail stores but my interest was sparked when I was told that there’s a floor for IT products, this I gotta see!

Anyway here’s an excerpt from the press-kit to shed more light on what is Courts Megastore.

Courts Megastore Mutiara Damansara (“Courts Megastore”) is Courts Mammoth Sdn Bhd’s (“Courts”) largest, and first large-format, retail outlet in one of the Klang Valley’s more popular retail hotspots, Mutiara Damansara.

Spanning three levels and 60,000 sq ft, Courts Megastore Mutiara Damansara aims to become a one-stop lifestyle destination store based on a retail proposition built on providing huge choice, great value, experience, service and payment option of credit, cash or installment to consumers.

Alright, with that settled, let’s have a look at what’s in store for us. Do note that I’m highlighting only the IT Floor and the computer parts available, I don’t think my readers would be interested in house-hold appliances like toasters, washing machines, dryers and so on. Don’t expect me to review such products either. I refuse to do benchies on washing machines!!! 😛

Taking The Tour

Don’t worry, no boring details here.

Basically the IT floor isn’t your Lowyat Plaza or Sim Lim Square. There’s no denying that they cover practically every area of digital living with areas dedicated to digital cameras, mobile phones, printers and printing accessories, desktop sets, laptops, Flat-panel (LCD / Plasma) TVs, speakers, gaming accessories, networking products and so on.

Here are some pictures of the place.

courts megastore
courts megastore
courts megastore

While they cover practically every area of digital living, the choice are limited and quite often BRAND limited. Yup. Take a look at the picture above. It would’ve been better if they could somehow widen their MEGAstore by carrying more brands.

Now here’s the most interesting part of my tour around the place (refer to the picture below) – It’s the first time I come by graphic cards being sold with installment payment option. So yeah, you could own an 8800GT by paying RM 15.23 per week (RM 66 per month, blocked by my watermark). It’s a pity nVidia was spelt nVidio 😛 And based on the figures, I think the payment tenure comes to about 15 months.

courts megastore

My Thoughts

Don’t expect this place to be your shopping haven for computer parts. No processors, no motherboards, no RAMs. Even the humble computer stores in The Curve have more computer parts to offer.

When it comes to computer goods, I personally think that this place is only good for computer accessories (e.g. USB hubs, printer cartridges, digital photo frames) and also desktops and notebooks, assuming you do not have any other options around the area.

Of course, do note that Courts Megastore wasn’t meant for DIY enthusiasts in the first place. It’s a family store providing one-stop shop destination for Digital IT solutions.

Additional Information

Anyway Courts Megastore Mutiara Damansara opens today at 12 noon. Feel free to pay this spanking new place a visit.

Where is it located? Just head for Mutiara Damansara and look for IKEA or TESCO. You can’t miss it, it’s just right opposite TESCO and behind McDonalds’ Drive-Thru.

Do take note that it’s a public holiday today. 🙂 Traffic’s gonna be crazy.

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  1. You went to the launch eh…I guess you met Ken (my editor)….hehe….I wanted to go but I had too many things in hand right now.

    You like the (super gay) door gift?

    Anyway, I heard that place is huge…

  2. Author

    No, launch was on Thursday. I went to the press-opening or whatever you call that.

    Huge? Well it was a building, it’s not exactly huge in my book.

  3. waooo didnt know that courts has it section now.. looks like it is following the trend from singapore…

  4. i want to buy laptop paying per month is it i can get from courts?

  5. im looking for Cheap Digital Photo Frame, pls send me the details and price ,TQ!

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