Beauties of ASUS Launch

Beauties of ASUS Launch

This has got to be one of the weirdest titled post on this site, I was looking at the PR and I have no idea how to put it better. The invite said “Asus U-Bamboo Media Launch” but on the day itself it was more than just the U-Bamboo launch.

New Range of Products

I’ll summarize to the best of my ability of that 4 paged Press Release, here we go!

U-Bamboo Collection : Intel® Core™ i5 processors | slim and light | contemporary designer furniture style with natural patterns that are unique to each notebook | chiclet keys | packaging is made of 100% natural and recyclable bamboo pulp and non-woven packing cloth | Exclusive Super Hybrid Engine (SHE), which monitors processing loads and delivers just the right level of power, works alongside NVIDIA Optimus technology to conserve energy and hence extend battery life | USB 3.0

U Series : performance while super slim | Intel® i5 Arrandale CPU processor| exclusive Super Hybrid Engine (SHE) | battery life of over 10 hours | NVIDIA® Optimus™ technology which auto-switches between the dedicated GeForce G310M and integrated GPU | equipped with potent audio capabilities, delivering high fidelity sound through their Altec Lansing® speakers, which are complemented by SRS Premium Sound™ technology.

NX90 : 18.4″ multimedia notebook | crafted with input from renowned designer David Lewis and technology co-development with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower®, comes in as a notebook that’s on a par with full surround systems in terms of audio quality through the ASUS SonicMaster sound standard. | speakers outside the chassis and alongside the screen | dual touchpads that enable true two-handed usability | oversized palm rests

4th Generation of Eee PC : Arrgghhh. It’s another EEE series – slimmer | lighter | faster | longer battery life.

Phew…. 4 pages summarized. 🙂

The Event

The launch was held on 14th July at Fukuya, a Japanese restaurant over in KL.

Here’s the crowd. Anxiously waiting for the event to start, which from what I know was a little delayed. Seeing that it’s KL, it’s understandable.

Beauties of ASUS Launch

Of course the waiting guests were not left with empty stomach. Yummy Japanese finger food!

Beauties of ASUS Launch

After a long wait, the event finally started. Unfortunately there were no seats, the room was getting stuffy, and I had just finished 2 assignments earlier on and have been lugging my arsenal of photography equipment + notebook.

The event started off with Duncan Kuo giving a short speech, Business Development Manager from Asus Malaysia.

Beauties of ASUS Launch

After that, Vanessa Ng, Marketing Manager from Intel Malaysia.

Beauties of ASUS Launch

This was followed by a host of others which I don’t recall their name. My apologies to those unnamed individuals in the following photos.

Anyway, we were presented with slides after slides after slides.

Beauties of ASUS Launch

Beauties of ASUS Launch

This photo was taken approximately 30 minutes after Duncan’s speech. ZOMG!??!? That long? Yes, I wasn’t joking when I said we were presented with slides after slides.

Beauties of ASUS Launch

And finally, after a long and tiring session – we come to the end of the event.

Beauties of ASUS Launch

Here are some videos.

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  1. Hey bro, how do you get to know those kind of events held ? I meant are u getting invitation from them or we can access to whatever website to get to know events in Malaysia ?

  2. Hi there, this is Wai Mun from Intel. I like the video you captured. Do you mind mailing it to me for my own reference? Thanks!

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