Asus Zenbook (Ultrabook UX21 & UX31) Launch

Asus Zenbook Launch

And a challenger appears! A challenger in the arena of Ultrabooks of course. 🙂

The launch was yesterday, 9th November 2011. The Zenbook is available starting from today (10th).

Asus Zenbook Launch

Let’s make it quick……… nice? YES.

Specs? Here…..

Asus Zenbook Launch

Price? RM 3,299 and RM 4,499

Worth it? Yes.

Do I like it? Yes

Why? at RM 3,299 you get a slim and small ultrabook with Core i5 processor, 4GB RAM, 6 cell battery, Bang & Olufsen ICEpower® audio system, USB 3.0, SSD, Alu feel on the solid keyboard ……… I LIKE I LIKE I LIKE I LIKE I LIKE, now if only I could get it at a good price. 🙂 Well, that pretty much is a review already.

Videos from the Event

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  1. I really like this computer. The keyboard has nice feel and the screws underneath the case are easy to loosen and open up the machine. There are many interesting devices inside the computer which I am sure will be useful for something after the computer outlives its life in normal use.

  2. I have recently bought Asus zenbook and its much better than any other intel powered product

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