AMBP Gathering: Coffee Therapy for Bloggers

All Malaysian Blogger Project Gathering 2008

I attended the Coffee Therapy for Bloggers gathering yesterday, it was organized by AllMalaysian Bloggers Project (AMBP) for fellow Malaysian bloggers. The gathering was held at Starbucks in The Gardens, which was located at Midvalley City.

What’s it all about? Just to meet other bloggers and make friends. The first 50 bloggers to arrive at the scene gets a free drink, unfortunately for me I had some how thought that the gathering starts at noon when it’s actually 10am ……… 😳 Oh well, I made it there anyway, almost 2 hours late. 😛 Not proud of it, thank you!

So many bloggers, so many unfamiliar faces, so noisy, so………

Yeah, SO LATE was I too! No big deal.

After I got myself registered, I was told that there were no more coupons or vouchers or whatever you call that for that free drink. 😥 Sad me *sob* Now THAT’S A BIG DEAL! Oh well………life goes on.

Now let’s have a look at what Starbucks look like when bloggers gather. 🙂
All Malaysian Blogger Project Gathering 2008

It was a fun outing. I did get to know many bloggers.

As you can see from the pictures below, the blogger session somewhat turned into a tech / gadget / photographer gathering too! 🙂
All Malaysian Blogger Project Gathering 2008

The AMBP Gathering ended at a little after 1pm. Some of us stayed back for a little chit-chat, getting to know one another better.
All Malaysian Blogger Project Gathering 2008

Now, with all that aside – here are the bloggers I met at the AMBP Gathering (in alphabetical order…. because I don’t wish to be accused of favoritism!)

Then of course those who I did not met and are there….

Did I miss you out? If I did, LET ME KNOW! (Yes yes, I’m sure there are many other bloggers that I’ve missed. Just waiting for them to show up! :P)

Thank you!

32 thoughts on “AMBP Gathering: Coffee Therapy for Bloggers

  1. W00t! Nice screenies!
    Got any leng lui bloggers attend?
    Captured any good screenies?
    (Gosh I am so perv!)

    Can say that this gathering is quite a success aye?
    Probably more gatherings like this would appear in the future?

    AMBP is a Malaysia Blog Directory, yar?

  2. Holy-mother-of-god~! My BT speed is unbelievable now!!! Thanks himitsu… Thanks for the link too goldfries!!!

  3. *Danny opens MacBook and surf*
    Me: Hey, when is goldie gonna come?
    Danny: Dunno him la, coming soon gua.
    *Danny goes to LYN*
    Me: eh, why 10.38AM goldie still replying topic?
    Danny: Oii, what that guy doing??
    *Danny PM goldie*

    haha 😛

    Yup, a fun day, although a bit sad for me. Like jayhan had mentioned, there is a chick that I want to know as well, but she got off too fast (while I was chatting with smashpop..) 😛

    Anyway, thanks for the link to my site. I’m in the process making a post of this event as well..

    @fatty: not a problem, although its actually not a miracle potion; do not expect it to last forever 😛

  4. @Deimos – it was successful. yup, M’sian blog directory.

    @jayhan – it’s always poisonous when someone shows you some thing that you like but don’t yet have. ahhhh gatherings are almost always poisonous.

    @fatty – see, people who don’t attend also get benefit! 😀

    @Cyrus – hu hu hu. ter-mistaken the time 😛 rushed over. 🙂 aiyah if i was there i can help you guys approach. I’m sure there’s more than chick right?

  5. I’m rather sad for not being able to join you guys at the group photo. But it was a totally busy day for me on the weekend. *phew*

    As for the lenglui, which one…maybe I know. 😛 Or not I’ll ask Sashi to tell me. LOL!

    Anyway, it’s been a busy weekend so I’ve got much to blog and the first of course, AMBP. 🙂

  6. @Andy – were you there? 🙂 LYN got blogger section you must go show yourself mah.

    @Albert – myself went home. the rest lunch (i thought you were with the group with KJ). others went to……..SONY! 😛

    @smashpOp – yeah you always appear in a group. 😀 quite shy la. 1 on 1 i still ok. group ah, introduction fail means remember by many people oh. amat mem-paiseh-kan case.

    @danny – i’m rather sad for not having free coffee that’s it. went home with empty stomach. no breakfast cos i rush there. 😳

  7. @Lex – I’m the guy that hang around talking to you, Albert and a few others at the end. Tall guy, short but spikey hair, sling bag with camera, slightly chubby. No idea how to better describe.

    @Albert – Sony then KFC? Hrmm. cos before I left the group say going lunch la. Hehe. I had to go off or else would’ve joined for lunch.

  8. haha. Man, i din noe which one was you really. Guess we should have talked more the in future gatherings. Any pictures to identify yourselfs? =p

  9. ohh now i remember.. haha

    eh albert we went McDs not KFC since Shaz didnt want to smell like fried chicken!

  10. @KJ – I think you’re the first person to get my blog name card (you got my other business card too!), just you didn’t find me after that only 😛 Hehe. Let’s see if we can work together again.

    @Lex – Yay. Great! KFC smells nicer. Btw Lex stands for? Alexandra? Surely not Lex Luthor. 😀

  11. Some of us went to Nandos for lunch, after that 😀

    Sammy here, btw.. You missed me! I was the girl in purple who likes loofahs, little mermaid & guitars (:

  12. Ok Sammy! Next time it’s your task to make sure I don’t miss you out.

    😀 have you seen the group picture? Which one are you? There were quite a few girls in purple i think.

  13. It was announced with a RED BAR on top of LYN forum highlighting the Blogger / Webmaster section la. 🙂 There’s a thread to highlight events and also who intends to go.

  14. You missed my website! HAHA! Its ok, just joking! 😀

    Im Andy, one of the team behind AMBP. Wanna thank you and all of the others who came to our inaugural event! Didnt expect a huge crowd to turn up but I really hope you did enjoy it despite not having the complimentary drink fro Starbucks. Sorrryyy…

    See you in the next AMBP do! Cheers!

  15. Well, since you’re an attendee as well – Adding you to the list. 😉

    My article says I enjoyed the event so I think I enjoyed the event la. 😛 I attended not because of the coffee, if I was I’ll be cursing myself for being late. haha.

  16. lol u was there? which one is u? so sorry, i was mingling with my friends till I forgotten the rest ahha. Some more u said we met 3 times, but never talk ahah. Next time k? ehhe.

  17. Hello there,

    Bumped into your blog as I go around hunting for blogger who have attended the past events organised by AMBP. Just curious, will you be attending the one this Saturday (with The Incredible Hulk screening)? I’ll be there… 🙂

    Great stuff you have here and you take great photos!

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