Affordable PCs with Intel’s Jom Jimat @

Affordable PCs with Intel's Jom Jimat @

Intel had a press conference and launch of their partnership with to enable end-users to purchase Intel-powered PCs at aggregated and lower prices.

The event was held at ALL IT Hypermarket, IKANO Power Center branch.

Affordable PCs with Intel's Jom Jimat @

Affordable PCs with Intel's Jom Jimat @

What’s Jom Jimat?

Jom Jimat are actually Malay words. Jom is a slang for “let’s go”, while jimat means “save”.

With this, I present to you a really long text from Intel to let you in on the nitty gritty details. If you don’t like lengthy text ……… why are you here? 😛 Haha. Bad joke, the articles at can be lengthy – well anyway, feel free to skip to the bottom of the excerpt if you wish to view the simplified pictorial explanation on JomJimat, and more pictures of the event.

INTEL’S “JOM [email protected]” OFFERS SAVINGS OF UP TO RM600*1

Intel and collaborate to offer affordable PCs via volume aggregation program

Kuala Lumpur, December 17, 2008 – Intel has announced its collaboration with, an online bulk discount store, to make desktop PCs more affordable for consumers. The campaign, known as JOM [email protected], is spearheaded by Intel to help consumers save more when similar PC purchases are pooled together. Effectively, consumers can now benefit from bulk discounts and stand to gain savings of up to RM600.00* when they buy Intel-powered PCs via’s volume aggregation program.

“Given the economic downturn, Intel is always looking for ways to ensure that PC ownership can still be affordable for Malaysians. Through this campaign, we are enabling consumers to save money when they purchase a PC yet at the same time do not have to compromise on their IT requirements,” said Ryaz Patel, country manager of Intel Malaysia. is an online bulk discount store founded in Malaysia and was launched in the US in August last year. It is an online portal which facilitates sales transactions through a volume aggregation program by letting consumers pool their resources and collectively influence, qualify and demand for a bulk discount from sellers.

Intel will work with selected resellers who will offer PCs with preconfigured specifications available only from will then post details of the PC and price online for the public to view. As with any volume aggregation program, the selling price of the Intel-based systems decreases as the number of units in demand rise. As soon as the targeted number of buyers is confirmed and a minimal deposit is paid, the PC systems will be built by the vendors and customers can collect and pay for their systems at the vendor’s outlet.

“We are excited that Intel has chosen to collaborate with because it shows that the concept of volume aggregation is feasible and workable in Malaysia. We hope that this will be the first of much such collaboration with Intel and that other industries will also take advantage of this innovative program,” said Jef Ong, founder of, adding that the prices offered on will be competitive.

“We have placed more bargaining power in the hands of consumers so that they can now demand for greater discounts collectively and enjoy the benefits. This will be a long-standing campaign which Intel will push for well into 2009,” said Patel.

The Intel-based PCs offered will feature either one of the following processors: Intel® Core™ i7, Intel® Core™2 Quad, Intel® Core™2 Duo, or Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core range of processors. PC vendors who are involved in this project include All IT Hypermarket, Thunder Match, Cycom Sale and Service, and Startec Computer.

Affordable PCs with Intel's Jom Jimat @

The Event

It was a short event, we were given a brief introduction on the Jom Jimat @ thing by Mr. Ryaz Patel – country manager of Intel Malaysia.

Affordable PCs with Intel's Jom Jimat @

Affordable PCs with Intel's Jom Jimat @

After that it was Mr. Jef Ong’s turn, founder of – giving us more details on how works.

Affordable PCs with Intel's Jom Jimat @

And of course, just as in any event – group photos!

Affordable PCs with Intel's Jom Jimat @

Affordable PCs with Intel's Jom Jimat @

Mr PP Yee – Managing Director of All IT Hypermarket Sdn Bhd, Mr. Ryaz Patel – country manager of Intel Malaysia, Mr. Jef Ong – Founder of, Mr. CH Liew – Sales Manager of Cycom Technology (BTS) Sdn Bhd, Mr. Jef – Product Manager of Thunder Match Sdn Bhd

My Thoughts

It’s pretty difficult to find a bunch of people who could agree on the same specs and the same bill. Ask yourself, how many of you could find 4 other friends who are willing to buy a computer of the same spec at the same time? Same time, meaning at X point of time, all of you have Y amount of money to buy A particular computer setup? Not likely.

On the other hand, you could let your buddies know about this available option so all could aim to get it at the same time and spend less overall. So why not? For me, it seems impossible. Most of them have problem deciding on which place to go for dinner, so getting them to agree on PC purchase is probably way over their capacity. (*I sure hope none of them are reading this. I don’t think they visit my site anyway. *).

So yeah, do yourself a favor next time – gather some friends and get your friends to get more friends and you could land yourself with a great bargain without having to wait for some PC sale that never comes. It takes effort to get discount. 🙂

Here’s an idea – buy the whole set, sell off the parts you don’t need. 😀

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  1. ahh well, lousy spec i7 PC. I personally would just spend RM 4k for a dual-core P45 setup and HD4870 or GTX260, costs less and game better. 😀

    the HD4830 based PC would still be decent for gaming, after all it’s still faster than HD4670.

    anyway, the setup is not done by Tumpang nor Intel, but done by the companies that offer the setup.

  2. I doubt gonna be around again. Just visit their site for those prices, such events usually don’t give special offer anyway.

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