WD Adds High-Performance Network Attached Storage (NAS) Solutions to MyCloud Line

The new high-performance NAS is now made available, catering to the needs of experts and business users. Designed for creative professionals, prosumers and small businesses, the 4 new MyCloud NAS solutions


My Cloud EX2100 MSRP
– RM 1,099 for diskless unit.
– RM 1,919 for 4TB
– RM 2,529 for 8TB
– RM 3,289 for 12TB

My Cloud EX4100 MSRP
– RM 1,769 for diskless unit.
– RM 3,339 for 8TB
– RM 4,739 for 16TB
– RM 6,559 for 24TB

My Cloud DL2100 MSRP
– RM 1,549 for diskless unit.
– RM 2,359 for 4TB
– RM 2,849 for 8TB
– RM 3,829 for 12TB

My Cloud DL4100 MSRP
– RM 2,359 for diskless unit.
– RM 3,779 for 8TB
– RM 5,229 for 16TB
– RM 6,899 for 24TB


Compare the details by looking at the spec sheet on the WD My Cloud Expert and WD My Cloud Business page. The key difference lies in the processor on the system.

All WD My Cloud Expert and Business products come with a 3-year limited warranty for populated ones while diskless units come with a 2-year limited warranty.

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