Viewsonic IPS Monitor Range Lands on Malaysian Shores

IPS panel based monitors are know for their color reproduction quality, hence always fetching a higher price tag. Viewsonic IPS Monitor range now enters the Malaysian market to “make it affordable”.


Leading the pack of Viewsonic IPS Monitor range is the VX3209-2K which is a QHD (2560 x 1440) 32″ monitor.


Up next are the VX2476-smhd / VX2776-smhd full HD monitors that is extremely slim on the display panel.



Next up is the “star of the movement”, the VA2419-sh and VA2719-sh – the VA2419-sh retails at an unprecented RM 499 which an all time low for an IPS panel monitor.


As the leader of the Viewsonic IPS Monitor range – the XG2703-GS with Nvidia G-Sync technology. It’s a 2K resolution monitor with 165Hz refresh rate.


Lastly we have the Viewsonic VP2468 with thin bezels and supports screen orientation rotation.


Here’s the price list for the Viewsonic IPS Monitor range.


Parting Thoughts

It’s certainly a great move to enter the Malaysian market with such offerings, I’m an IPS monitor user myself and admittedly there isn’t much choice but now with that RM 499 model, things look pretty good. The only downside about that RM 499 model is that it’s only limited to up and down pivot of the panel, no height and orientation adjustment.