StarCraft II – Nova Covert Ops: Mission Bundle Pre-Order Opens

Nova Covert Ops is available for pre-order starting today. StarCraft II’s first of the new mission packs don’t release until spring of 2016, but Blizzard is offering bonuses to those who buy early.


By pre-ordering, you pay only $15 USD for all 3 mission packs. Normal price would be $7.50 USD each. Not only you save 33% with the pre-order, you receive in-game additions such as Nova Portrait and Nova’s Covert Ops Ghost skin. The portrait will only be available during pre-order.

Got hooked? Head over to and get your copy!

NOTE : First Nova mission pack is expected to release on or before June 19, 2016. All three Nova mission packs are expected to release on or before December 1, 2016.

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